What To Wear To A Fall Wedding


We know that choosing what to wear to a fall wedding can be a frustrating task. You don’t want to upset the bride (more importantly, you don’t want to upstage the bride). But, you still want to look amazing. Plus when it comes to fall, you never know what type of weather you’re going to get (Hurricane? Maybe. Blizzard? Why not?) so we put together this little guide to help you look your fabulous best at your fall weddings.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding:


  • Dress up. A pretty dress is fine for both afternoon and evening weddings.
  • Wear nice heels or flats, depending on what makes you most comfortable (flats might be easier to maneuver outside).
  • Embrace bright fall colors. Marigold, maroon, purple, turquoise, dark green would be beautiful.
  • Check with the bride to see what color the bridesmaids are wearing. You don’t want to look like you’re in the wedding party.
  • Bring a shawl or pashmina to an evening wedding in case it gets cold.
  • Consider a pretty fall suit in a lightweight wool like gabardine.
  • Accessorize. Find a statement necklace in coordinating colors to your outfit.
  • Wear something you feel sexy in, but stay modest.


  • Wear white, off-white, or ivory.
  • Wear basic brown, which can look very sad at a wedding.
  • Wear flip-flops or casual shoes. Dress to impress.
  • Wear shorts, revealing tops or dresses that are too tight or too short.
  • Wear anything alarming or attention-seeking, like giant hats or neon orange dresses. Go for a more muted appearance.
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  1. Redcurlyhead says

    Showing a great maci dress would’ve been helpful in this article. With unpredictable weather or a strict religious ceremony a maxi will keep you covered and warm. And you can still look fabulous without upstaging the bride if you go with a simple dress, day or night.

  2. says

    This is a great list.. and also you can stay on trend my wearing flesh colored fish nets to add a little more warmth and also remain very, very chic.

    Great list.

  3. Puzzled says

    I have a question about hose. I’m attending a November outdoor afternoon wedding in Washington D.C. I’m wearing black heels with a partially opened toe. Are hose fashionable now? If so, what type should I wear?

  4. says

    Ladies, please do not wear a mini dress or skirt to a wedding. It might seem ok while you’re standing, but as soon as you sit down to eat you’ll show *everything*. Trust me, I experienced this at a wedding in August. *shrudder*
    (Save the mini for the after-party!)

  5. Beth says

    Question. I have a fall wedding and I have a cocktail dress that I wore for a summer wedding, but it has torquoise blue, black and gold in it. It has straps which are knotted on top of the shoulder, straight cut across the top of the back, sweetheart neckline and it falls to the knees. Is it appropriate to put on black hosiery or tights and pair it with black pumps and throw on a black blazer or shawl? Or is that too casual??

  6. couponanddealz says

    Good suggestions for a fall wedding…………..bright colors, complementary accessories,shining jewelry all put up a great collection for fall wedding………thank you for your great list

  7. M.H. says

    I love these tips and the dresses. I recently attended a wedding where a woman wore stretch leggings under her right-above-the-knee-length dress. It destroyed the look of the dress and made it look incredibility causal and sloppy, especially for a wedding. – I asked her why she wore them (nicely, just out of curiosity) and she said she thought her legs might get cold. Is this reasonable? Would you do it? Any tips for those weddings when its too cold and you need to ruin your outfit with a coat over your shoulders and one over your legs?

  8. Charlene says

    I am a fashion designer and just for ladies out there that are wondering on shawls for fall wedding the colors for 2013 fall shawls are purple, lilac orange gold, coral, dark green and champagne beige. Hope this helps. I read the budget fashionista often – love the content rich details and ideas.

  9. J.M says

    Heeeeeelp! I know it was suggested to stay away from wearing whites and creams… How about a light peach dress to wear for next weekend (mid-October)? It’s perfect! i have the best accessories to go with….it’s just the color that concerns me a tiny tiny bit!

  10. Confused about fashion says

    Can I wear a little black dress without hose and maybe dress it up with colored pumps? or just stick with black pumps, hose, no hose? it is an early October wedding in Michigan.

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