Saks’ Crazy Sales: Is the End Near?


Saks' Crazy Sales: Is the End Near?

The store’s in-store reductions are so crazy that we’re wondering if deflation and store closingrumors are true. This past weekend,  prices were marked down up to 50% off with an additional 50% off the markdown price.

Rumor has it that there’s going to be yet another round of massive discounts (along with crazy employee discount day and a possible friends and family coupon) in the upcoming weeks, bringing some prices around the 90% off mark, including designer handbags and shoes.

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  1. eggplant says


    I hope Saks does not go out of business. Macy’s owns Bloomingdales so it feels like Macy’s will soon be the only department stores in business soon.

  2. Target-Addict says


    It’d be sad if Sak’s went belly-up, but not surprising.  Haven’t they downsized the number of stores in recent years?  I know that the two Saks within 45-60 minutes from me have both closed in the past few years, and in order to get to one now I have to drive to the big BIG city (over an hour away).  Such a shame; I remember my mom taking me there in high school to shop for an “outfit” when it was a REALLY special occasion.  Seems like those kind of luxury stores are far and few between these days.

  3. laricelc says


    I doubt Saks is going out of business, I feel like they cater to a high end shopping crowd and the people that shop there can afford to keep the company in business. I live in Seattle and we have NO Saks. Lots of the women I work with are always talking about how we should have one open in our city center, however, that might mean serious competition for Nordstrom (which originated here). As long as Saks is available online though, I’m happy!

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