Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

This post is part of our Budget Halloween Costume & Ideas Guide

Halloween’s almost here (geez, can you believe it??) and we know how hard it can be to think of great halloween costume ideas, without dipping into your Black Friday shopping fun. So we came up some awesome ideas for Halloween costumes that are virtually free and/or super cheap to make.

Halloween Costumes Ideas on the Cheap

For the Single Girl

halloween costume ideas

Queen of the World
.  This is my personal Halloween favorite. Head to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill for an old prom/evening dresses. Also look in the back of your closet for those “forgotten” bridesmaid dresses (the puffier and gaudier, the better). Go to Claire’s Boutique and purchase a tiara (usually around $5 to $10), several “diamond” rings, and elbow-length, white gloves. Throw on the “diamond” jewelry, correct that posture, and purchase a copy of Hello (a.k.a. the British version of People Magazine) or British OK at your local Barnes and Noble to learn how to perfect the royal wave (remember: to – wave, wave, touch the pearls). Now, here is the piece de triumph: Have your male spouse/friend/partner dress in a tux and gloves and be your manservant, James, for the whole night.
Total cost: $10.00-$50.00, depending on the size of your kingdom.