DIY Cool & Classy Halloween Costumes

It’s simple – in my book, Halloween is one of the best “holidays” in existence. It’s got something for everybody – do you like costumes? Are you obsessed with candy? Or maybe you fancy art and pumpkin carving. Whatever your jam, I love Halloween because it’s there for fun.

My favorite aspect is that I get to play dress-up no matter how old I get – and the only change from young girl to college student to young woman that I’ve made is that I’m no longer interested in being a “scantily clad” anything. This obviously limits store-bought options since everything out there for young women is, well, revealing, to say the least, and absolutely boring and cliche, to ┬ábe honest. So, over the past few years I’ve found myself on the hunt for festive and classy Halloween costumes – and this fall, I thought I’d share.

Here are five Halloween costumes that are cool and clever without being expensive or slutty!

5 Cool Ideas for Classy Halloween Costumes


1. Rosie The Riveter: At first you might not know who she is, but oh, you do. She’s the buff chick in a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red polka-dotted bandana wrapped around her head. Need I say more? If you have a scarf and a button-up shirt, this costume is the easiest.


2. Bank Robber: Fun solo or for a group theme, becoming a robber is no sweat. Don stripes on top, a black strip of cloth with the eyes cut out, and a bag of any kind with the classic $$ emblem, and you are set.


3. Little Red Riding Hood: A skirt, a red sweatshirt, and a wicker basket is all you need for this one. Maintaining the hood is key!


4. Shooting Star: Go to Target and get a yellow, white, or gray maxi dress. Shred the bottom. Paint silver starts on your cheeks, and make a “star headband” from cardboard, glitter, and silver paper from your local craft shop. If you want to get punny, carry a tiny plastic gun. Get it? “shooting”-“star”!


5. Top Chef: Another pun but easy to do – Wear a white button-up shirt (make it big – steal your BF’s), a chef hat from a costume store, and a toy top from a local drug store. Draw double-breasted buttons on each side (ok, or get black dot stickers from a stationary store) for the classic white-coat look.

Credit: Rosie the Riveter main image from Shutterstock


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