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Serena Yang

Serena Yang

It all began with a young girl and her passion for making a statement in fashion. She is Serena Yang, founder and CEO of LE FRUIT DEFENDU. Graduating from the Economics Department of Kyoto University, one of the top 30 universities in the world, Serena had a promising future in the financial industry. Living in Tokyo, Serena loved to explore the shopping districts of the city, where style came to life as a true form of art. Inspired by these environments of expression, she decided to step away from finance and walk into a career in fashion.She passionately writes about streetwear brands, hip-hop culture, woman fashion trends and more.

Model wearing streetwear brand Le Fruit Defendu

7 Streetwear Brands To Watch

Thank you to Serena Yang for contributing this post about streetwear brands to watch. So…about streetwear. It’s a genre that defies definition. Skater and punk styles stand alongside classic hip-hop and active wear, with...
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