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How to Wear Shorts with Heels

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You see it often, both in real life and on the feeds. Pairing shorts with heels looks so chic and photo-worthy — but it’s also daunting if you’re not accustomed to wearing this look.

The intimidation factor of the shorts-and-heels combo comes from the inherent conflict. It begs the question: are you dressed up or dressed down? But truly, the answer can be both. There’s no rule against looking polished and edgy even on your casual days.

Now, on to the nitty-gritty of how to wear shorts with heels.

How to Wear Shorts with Heels

1. Try low-profile heels

Slipping into sky-high heels is always tricky unless it’s your go-to shoe. Try easing into the shorts-and-heels game with a pair of low-profile heels. A style that adds an inch or two to your stature won’t pull you too far out of your comfort zone — but still changes the vibe considerably.

Check out how @_life_as_lauren approaches this look: beautifully tailored shorts and classic black heels spell perfection.

2. Opt for a sleek short suit

Short suits are ideal for summer, especially if you’re fortunate enough to work in an office where the air conditioner doesn’t blast all season long. You’ll stay cool and comfortable when you’re outside, but won’t freeze at your desk.

To make this look work during the day and after hours, try a smart blazer and short set with a pair of neutral heels, as seen on @olga.moskatova. The effect is smart and polished, yet also relaxed and easy.

3. Don’t forget about the wedges

Heels come in all shapes and forms. A more effortless, summer-friendly option is the wedge, which delivers height in a more casual package than traditional pumps.

@teresita_567 makes this ensemble look completely simple: a pair of denim shorts, a breezy kimono, and black wedges just scream warm-weather fashion in the best possible way.

4. Add a pop of color

If you’re going the casually understated route with a pair of denim shorts and a white shirt, use your heels to add a pop of color. Because the outfit is so neutral, you can afford to go all out with your choice of heels.

Try something like @mhigham did: a pair of neon pink pumps to add some sassy character to the look. It’s perfection.

5. Play with a neutral palette

Even something as laid-back as a pair of khaki shorts wears well with a pair of heels. As @aischadaley illustrates, it’s completely possible to pull off when styled the right way.

She pairs her tailored bottoms with a feminine white blouse, a slender brown belt, and a pair of strappy gold heels. The colors all fall within the neutral family, but the gilded touch adds a hint of sophistication to the mix.