TBF’s Complete Condensed Guide to Combating Adult Acne

Many people suffer with acne in their teen years and muddle through, looking forward to the days of adulthood when we no longer have to worry about pimples. WRONG! It can be a shock to realize that acne problems can persist or even begin in adulthood. When looking into ending skin lumps and bumps, the wealth of information can be overwhelming.

In a complete guide to combating adult acne, we are going to break it down for you: your options and likelihood of success. Each person’s skin is very different, and pinpointing where your problem is coming from can, at times, be as important as treating the acne itself.

The Causes of and Treatments for Adult Acne


Acne is, put simply, the inflammation of a plugged hair follicle. Secretions form in the follicle, clogging it, and various forms of acne can occur afterward. It has long been wondered if food allergies cause acne for some, and new studies have shown specifically that allergies to sugar and dairy can cause acne. Many times the same people who most crave sugar and dairy ( especially milk ) are the ones with the allergy to it:  the allergy causing the craving. If cystic acne ( very large and irritated acne eruptions ) is your problem, it is even more likely that food allergies are the problem. If you try elimination it’s important to remember that just doing away with one won’t help if you are intolerant of both, and that those who consume a lot of dairy need to be sure they have good sources of Vitamins D and Calcium. Even if the primary cause of your acne is not these food allergies, removing them still has a high likelihood of improving your acne.


Out of balance hormones are the cause for many systemic health issues, and if they are causing your acne, they are making problems elsewhere in your body, too. In modern life, hormones become out of whack commonly for two reasons: a nutritionally imbalanced diet, and the chemicals going into our bodies through the environment. This is why many people with acne find relief ( sometimes short lived ) after going on birth control- the hormones are balanced and the acne relents. What the body needs is the mix of nutrients and fatty acids from your diet that naturally balance hormones. This is an easy but solid read on how to balance hormones with diet and lifestyle changes.

Clearing your life of as many toxins as possible greatly helps your body balance hormones. The fake estrogens in many products- just look for the word paraben in shampoo, conditioner, soap, laundry detergent, lotion- cause the body to alter it’s natural course. BPA in plastics also. Simply switching out your daily body products to paraben free, and removing plastic and replacing as much as possible with glass, is a great relief to your system and removes many chemicals from  your bodies toxic load.


Most people who have acne have tried a variety of over the counter creams, often with little to no result. Using the right cream, for face or body, is an essential part of skin care. Finding suppliers of affordable, natural skin creams appropriate for acne treatment is challenging. With insurance, severe acne can often be treated under the plan as a medical necessity. In this case, it’s important to talk to your dermatologist about using paraben free creams to treat your acne. One amazing product, completely chemical free and easily found ( such as local Sprouts, Wal-Mart ) is the MyChelle line.  Delicious smelling, beautiful consistency, good for the body and effective, these creams are mid range in price ( for good acne creams ) and accessible.


Fish Oils– Essential for almost every part of a healthy body ( brain, heart, joints, blood ) the fatty acids in fish oils balance hormones and reduce inflammation, making them front line in the treatment of acne.

Vitamin D– A pre-hormone essential to hormone balance and a healthy immune system, Vit D deficiency is more and more common.

Probiotics– Probiotics work in your gut to fight inflammation and support a healthy immune system and are almost always necessary in rebalancing the body after neglect.

 Zinc– Not only does it help reduce scarring from past acne, it helps control the amount of oils your skin glands produce.

Vitamin B Complex– Essential for hormone balance among many other things, such as neurological functioning, read: your mood!

Vitex (chasteberry)- Vitex can be a miracle worker for hormone balance. Not only reducing acne, but also PMS symptoms including pain, swelling and irritation and fatigue.


Acupuncture has long been a crucial part of alternative health care practitioners in hormone balance, sometimes working when it seems nothing else will. To find a local service, consult this guide.

Herbalists can create custom made formulas geared to treat acne. To find one near you, consult this guide.

Laser therapies can greatly complement acne treatment.

Exercise is the most basic and easily accessed treatment for acne- an essential way that your body balancing hormones is through exercise. The chain reaction of toxin removal, hormone exchanges and inflammatory and immune response is irreplaceable.