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How to Wear the Glitter Trend (Without Looking Ridiculous)

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The glitter trend is on this season. But this is one trend that’s especially hard to wear — as there’s a high risk of looking like you’re starring in the next big Cirque show.

Wearing glitter as a grown-up requires a certain level of restraint to keep things classy and sophisticated. The good news is this. Sporting some understated sparkle shows off the fun, creative, mysterious sides of your personal style. Wondering how to do it? Read on for how to wear the glitter trend this season.

7 Ways to Wear the Glitter Trend

You can easily guess the number one rule to wearing glitter stylishly: don’t double down on this trend. You can certainly rock double denim or double fringe, but very few of us can pull off double glitter. So find a garment or beauty product that sparkles and wear it without any other glitter pieces.

It also works well to pair your glitter with a different, non-glittery statement piece. Let your glitter be part of the background and rely on a patterned top or jacket (for example) to be your outfit’s focal point.


One of the easiest ways to rock the glitter trend effectively is with a sparkly eyeshadow. This doesn’t mean swiping shadow across your entire lid — that’ll be way too dramatic for an everyday look. Instead, create a classic smoky eye and place a touch of glitter in the center of the lid. It’s a subtle way to draw attention to the color of your eyes.

PUR eyepolish glitters


PUR eye polish glitters ($36) give you ultimate control with a pigmented base coat and glittery top coat. Use the silicone applicator to dab on just a touch for an amped-up your smokey eye.


You can also work with a glitter eyeliner. Start by lining your upper lash line with a black kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner. Directly on top of that line, draw another line using glitter eyeliner. For a bolder look, bring the liner out to create a winged effect. You can also add sparkle to your bottom lash line as a standalone look or in combination with the top lash line.

Nail Polish

When done right, an elegant glitter manicure will have you showing off your digits to everyone you meet. (On the flip side, an overdone glitter manicure may have people wondering if a heavy-handed middle schooler did your nails.)

First, choose a polish that has minimal texture. Glitter polishes that have sparkly chunks in them tend to be fairly tacky. Then, use your polish sparingly, without covering the whole nail. Paint just the tips, create a geometric pattern, or just apply a light dusting across the diagonal of your nail.


Glitter-embellished shoes can give your outfit a little pizzazz without bringing too much attention to your feet. Opt for a pair of heels with glitter detailing, such as sparkly straps. Ballet flats, loafers, or tennis shoes adorned with glitter can easily be toned down by wearing them with jeans and a tee shirt.

Glittery ballet flat

Case in point: the Danzey Ballet Flat ($20) in silver metallic glitter looks great with jeans and a tee, making even the most casual of looks more tailored.

Glitter Belt

A glitter belt instantly adds glamour to a simple, monochrome dress or a casual pair of trousers. Skip the bright, neon colors in favor of a more subtle option, such as a thin black or navy glitter belt that you can wear over a crisp white dress.

Thin navy glitter belt

This navy sparkle belt ($25) can be your on-trend, go-to waist cinching tool. The slim dark colored glitter will give nearly any dress or skirt in your closet a more romantic feel while accentuating your curves in all the right places.


Yes, many pieces of glitter jewelry look cheap and tacky. Many, but not all. This is where you can rise to the style challenge of finding sophisticated jewelry that sparkles. Earring studs are a nice place to start, simply because they’re not big enough to take over your outfit. Other options include dangling teardrop earrings, a series of bangles or an ornate ring.

Kate spade sparkly studs

A multi-colored glitter stud from kate spade ($38) gives you a tiny dose of boldness. Wear these on the daily, or pull them out on date night and pair with a romantic, sweeping updo.


For those formal occasions, a silver or gold glittery dress can look sleek and sophisticated. If you feel like a disco ball, though, use complementary, opaque pieces to reduce the glare. A pair of soft black tights or a sheer gray or cream scarf will do the trick.

When it’s not party time, reach for a dress that incorporates glitter as an accent. This feminine peach dress ($118) features sparkling silver polka dots — it’s a fabulous blend of soft and sparkly.

Dress 1

Pair this dress with strappy, light grey sandals, with or without heels, and dainty earrings with some length.

Are you up for wearing the glitter trend this season? Let us know in the comments!