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Woman wearing long-sleeve top, throwing fall leaves

The Very Best Loungy, Long-Sleeved Tops for Fall for Women Over 40

Did you embrace the loungewear craze of 2020? I certainly did, to the point that the only items in my rotation were joggers, shorts, and t-shirts. Occasionally, I’d step up my game and toss...
sustainable fashion - DIY necklace kit made from post-consumer pulltabs

Sustainable Fashion — How to Love Your Planet this Valentine’s Day

The holiday of love is almost here. And that means you’re likely consumed with either (1) finding the perfect gift for that special someone, or (2) determining how you’ll avoid the candy hearts and...
pink scoop neck t

The End of My Search for the Perfect T Shirt

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect t shirt for a long time. By perfect, I mean a t-shirt that is comfortable, stylish, feminine and versatile. And more importantly, that go-to t-shirt is not mass-produced and sold...
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