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Outfit of neutral color clothing

How to Master the Style Understatement with Neutrals

Who says bold pops of color are the end-all, be-all of style? Neutral color clothing too can be trendy and sophisticated when coordinated in a purposeful way. Plus, fashion gals on a budget benefit...
collage of four outfits with clogs

Flashback Fashion — How to Wear Clogs

In 2009, Lindsey wrote in to us to ask: Here’s a challenge. Could you do an article on how to wear Dansko clogs with some pictures? I have recently acquired plantar fasciitis and I...
Hair and scissors

10+ Easy Summer Beauty & Style Tips for Moms

As a mom, it’s easy to neglect what you wear. Your priority is the family, after all. Mornings are a rush of getting the kids ready, and evenings, you’re focused on winding them down...
halloween style - woman wearing halloween themed sweater

Halloween Style Tips for the Conservative Fashionista

This time of year means sipping cider, picking pumpkins and (eye roll) Halloween outfits that either bare more cleavage than Kim Kardashian wearing a push-up bra, OR are so gory they’ll give kids nightmares. I say let everyone else show...
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