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Bright, two-tone manicure

About Your Next Mani/Pedi — What to Know

It’s sandal season, which means you’re officially out of excuses not to tend to your nails. Downtime is fine for winter, but if you plan to bear your toes this season, now’s the time...
Winter Beauty Picks

10 Must-Have Winter Beauty Items Under $20

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — temperatures drop, colors deepen, skies darken, and gorgeous colors abound. And your skin starts to demand some extra color and moisture! Even if you aren’t...
nails 1

How to Wear the Glitter Trend (Without Looking Ridiculous)

The glitter trend is on this season. But this is one trend that’s especially hard to wear — as there’s a high risk of looking like you’re starring in the next big Cirque show....
Hair and scissors

10+ Easy Summer Beauty & Style Tips for Moms

As a mom, it’s easy to neglect what you wear. Your priority is the family, after all. Mornings are a rush of getting the kids ready, and evenings, you’re focused on winding them down...
nail art designs - soft pink nail art with hearts

Nail Art Designs — How to Style Your Nails for Date Night

For many of us, there are two things going on right now: 1) it’s cold, 2) it’s almost Valentine’s Day. When it comes to winter nail art designs, you can pull inspiration from either...
fall nail trends - collage of press on nails and nail polish in fall colors

Fall Nail Trends: Try These Now

Close your eyes and think of the fall. What comes to mind? Gorgeous leaves, apple cider and fresh pumpkins, maybe? Reds, golds, oranges and rich browns are the classic fall colors — and the...
nails 2

Holiday Nail Trends 2015: The Short List

If you’ve ever searched a polish hashtag or two, you know manis are an art in their own right. But navigating what’s popular in a given season and filtering out old trends is tough. For example: Are...
Watercolor Nail Tutorial

’90s Revival — Watercolor Nails (A How-To)

Paging Kelly Kapowski and Topanga Lawrence! These watercolor nails design I created is so ‘90s fab that I am not sure what to do with myself. And considering the fact that ‘90s fashion is so...
Close up of technician performing manicure

What Manicure is Best For Your Nail Health

We’re pretty lucky to be fashionistas in this day and age since there are tons of new products and techniques for us to try with respect to our manicures. Of course, with all the...
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