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Gucci logo on storefront

The Famous Double G — All About Gucci

The name alone is enough to conjure images of the famed double G logo and sleek, timeless accessories. Yet Gucci is so much more. The Italian luxury fashion house is a Florentine dream, rife...

Net-A-Porter: Site I Like

I can’t afford anything on Net-a-Porter I can’t fit into anything on Net-A-Porter But I still love the site. Here’s why: 1. It’s the perfect site to browse to find the latest styles from...
Louis Vuittton handbag

Fake Handbag Debate: The Australian Story

A couple of days ago, The Budget Fashionista asked me an interesting question: is the fake purse craze just an American thing? Fake Bags in Sydney As one of the few Australian fashion bloggers,...
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