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Ellen Tracy Contouring Kit

Contouring After 40 — Yea or Nay?

Contouring 101 Contouring promises to ‘reshape’ and define your facial features. Want your cheekbones to look more prominent, your forehead to look less square, or your round face to seem longer? Some beauty experts...
Glossy Lids - How to Get Them

Spring Beauty Trend: Get the Glossy Lids Look

Glitter? We get that the sparkle is something you can grow out of. But gloss? It’s the sheen that truly knows no age limit. While we’ve already seen the glossy look take form in...
all natural beauty products collage

All Natural Beauty Products to Love

New year, new you, right? Tossing out the sugar and hitting the treadmill is fine and dandy, but your health isn’t limited to just diet and fitness. Going clean and taking care of yourself...
cherry blooms vinyl liner review

Cherry Blooms Vinyl Liner Review

Cherry Blooms promises that their Extremely Waterproof Vinyl Liner won’t smudge even if you swim, sweat, or cry. While I didn’t go dive in the ocean with their liner, I do believe their promise...
Cosmetics 1

The Makeup Brand Beauty Vloggers Freak For

If you’ve stayed up late-night binging makeup tutorials and reviews or ended up on a random beauty blog after stalking an Instagram post for the perfect lip shade (nothing to be ashamed of, who hasn’t?!),...
Cosmetics 2

Hot Trend: Strobing Makeup Technique

Ever since the Kardashians infiltrated our TVs, department stores and social media apps, we’ve been hyper-obsessed with finding — and mimicking — the makeup trends that deliver the red carpet-ready sheen the Kardashians have single-handedly perfected....
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