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Woman wearing striped dress and hat in a field

Wearing Stripes — 11 Ways to Stripe it Rich

With superstorms, Arctic blasts and rain popping up all over the place, it’s safe to say we’re waiting not-so-patiently for warmer spring weather. Yeah, it’s only January and we’re not even halfway through winter yet — but we...
Woman wearing brown leather backpack

Updated! Fashion Backpacks Are Back and Better Than Ever

Is it true? Has the backpack made a comeback? This utilitarian and practical carryall in its modern, zippered incarnation dates back all the way to the turn of the 20th century, though humans have...
Neat office space

School Supplies for Fashionistas of Every Age

Freshly sharpened pencils. Blank planners. Spiral bound notebooks. The best part of the back-to-school season was always the shopping, and nothing’s on our mind quite like stylish school supplies. Hands down, one of the...
Globetrotter Ikat Duffle Bag

Best Summer 2014 Bags for the Farmers’ Market

The perfect bag is super easy to find. Likely, there are hundreds and thousands of ways to carry your stuff. From the petite clutch to the hearty rucksack, the purse that converts in to...
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