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Hello Beautiful!

Nice to Meet You

I'm Catherine and I'm a longtime writer and style enthusiast, as well as the The Budget Fashionista herself. I love to dress well and I hate spending money on clothes. My personal style is more classic, practical and subdued — while I can appreciate bold style choices, you generally won't find me wearing something that's super over-the-top. I'll leave "shock-and-awe" style to the bloggers who specialize in that, as I prefer being down-to-earth and approachable. 

Being a Fashionista on a Budget 

Our focus here is on accessible, wearable fashion. Sure, we throw some curve balls on occasion just for fun — but we're here for regular women who want to look great and feel confident with their style choices every day.

If you love fashion and cute clothes, but you can't stand to spend more than $40 on a belt, then you've found your community here at The Budget Fashionista.

What's Next?

I put this How to Be a Budget Fashionista Guide together for new visitors to the Budget Fashionista community. We've been around since 2003 and we have tons of style tips and strategies to share. Consider this your roadmap and fast-track to learning how to be a budget fashionista yourself. Scroll down and get started. 


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Find your fabulous

You've heard it before and I'll say it again: Confidence is your best accessory. Sure, it sounds cheesy and it's hard to implement. But there's no getting around it. When you feel confident and gorgeous to your core, you look fabulous. And it doesn't really matter what you put on that day.

If you're struggling to find your style mojo, you can read all the articles you want about what to wear. You can memorize the silhouettes that are supposed to flatter on your body type. You can get your hair cut in the same style as Cameron Diaz because you, too, have a square face. But if you don't work on the self-image, the underlying confidence, you'll still have trouble selecting outfits and you'll still be asking yourself, "can I pull this off?"

Trust me, you are beautiful and you can absolutely pull it off. Start telling yourself that everyday until it becomes part of the way you think. Need more body-positive inspiration? Take a look at these posts:  

Know what looks amazing on you 

The next step in becoming a budget fashionista is learning what looks amazing on you. The end game here is to be able to scan a rack of clothes in a store (or a grid of garments in an online store) and pick out styles confidently. Do that and you bypass the worst of dressing room experiences — you know, when you're feeling defeated because nothing looks right. You also drastically reduce the time you spend returning clothes you don't like.598

Hone your budget shopping skills

Budget shopping is more than watching out for sale emails or taking a spin through the clearance section. It's a way of life that affects how you play in the trends, how you build out your wardrobe, which pieces are always fair game and which are never allowed. In our 15+ years online, we've written many, many posts about budget shopping.

In our 15+ years online, we've written many, many posts about budget shopping. Here are the top three:

Know where to shop

Some retailers just do a better job catering to the budget fashionista. It's a delicate balance after all. We want fun, versatile styles — and we want them cheap. Here's where to find them: 

Stay up on the trends — or not

But I still care about what's trending. You see, I look to the trends when I'm in the market for accessories like scarves, shoes, jewelry and handbags. I might even invest in an inexpensive top or pant if I think the trend might have staying power. If I can see myself wearing it next season, then I may just bring that ruffle top home.    


Most budget fashionistas are not trend-chasers. Why? Because chasing trends is expensive. When you only wear the latest and hottest, you have to replace 75% of your wardrobe every season. That way of life is not for me. 


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