Ethics Policy

For close to a decade, Simply Good Media has been a leader in creating multi-platform brands that uphold high ethical standards. Below is our Ethics Policy.

We Strive:

  • To be good. We realize that we’re part of a global community and strive to be a positive force online and offline.
  • To be as honest as possible. We strive to be as honest as possible, even if it costs us advertisers/partnerships.
  • To be transparent.. We have advertisers on the site and from time to time work with select partners in producing content that helps improve the lives of our audience. All paid posts are clearly. For legal reasons, we do use affiliate links for some of our coupon links. We do use Kontera intext advertising links which are added via a script after we’ve written and posted an article to the site. From time to Kathryn does work for companies as a spokesperson and when she does, the relationship is posted. Currently she works with Tide.
  • To be independent. We only write reviews of stuff we’ve actually tried. Sometimes we accept sample sized products for review from brands, but THAT HAS NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER ON THE REVIEW and sending us products doesn’t guarantee a review. Just try telling Kathryn what to do and see how far you get. We also purchase products for review, because we’re still beauty junkies at heart.
  • To be true to our mission to help our audience save money. You won’t find reviews of $500 bottles of facial cream made from unicorn tears or features on $5000 purses made from the skin of baby dolphins with moon rock encrusted handles.
  • If we ever fail in doing these things (we are human, so mistakes are bound to happen), please feel free to send us positive criticism at

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