Clothing Glossary


A-Line: The Skirt Silhouette That Always Flatters

A-line Skirt: A structured skirt that's fitted at the waist and flares out straight, creating the appearance of an “A.” A-line skirts got their name from fashion designer Christian Dior in 1955. Though popular in the 60s and 70s, they soon disappeared from the fashion scene and were deemed as “old lady style.” They were revived in the early 2000s and have been popular ever since. Today, fashion girls love the A-line for it’s classy retro vibe and also the versatility — this is a piece that can be dressed up or down to suit the mood and occasion. How to Wear the ... Read More

Bandeau Top — What It Is and How to Wear It

A bandeau top is a band-shaped top covering specifically the breasts. It's worn like a tube top or crop top. While bandeaus are often associated with swimwear, they've matured into much more than a poolside style statement. A bandeau makes for a fabulous layering piece in warm weather, under sheer or backless tops and dresses. Bandeau Top Shopping Tips Fit is very important. Since bandeau tops are basically strapless bras, it's critical to find one that fits you perfectly. The last thing you need is a clothing malfunction that involves boob spillage in public. Quality is also key. A bandeau ... Read More


Blazer: long-sleeved jacket with lapels, sometimes tailored at the waist ... Read More


Bodycon, short for body-conscious, is a popular style of dress characterized by its stretch, figure-hugging fabric and seductive style designed to show off a woman’s curves. The bodycon dress was first introduced to the fashion scene in the nineties, offering women of all ages a chance to flaunt their bodies instead of hide them under baggy clothes ... Read More

Bolero Jacket

Bolero jacket: a jacket cropped at the waist that is opened at the front, inspired by the jackets worn by Spanish Matadors (Bull Fighters) ... Read More

Boot Cut

Boot Cut: Pants that slightly flare from the knee to the ankle ... Read More

Box Pleated

Box Pleated: Two folds of fabric brought together to form a pleat ... Read More

Cap Sleeve Top

Cap Sleeve Top: a top with a sleeve that is “capped” or “cut-off” slightly below the shoulder ... Read More

Capri Pants

Capri Pants: Straight-cut pants that ends in the mid-calf to ankle area of the leg ... Read More


Chemise: A simple, straight top that resembles the slip worn underneath a woman’s dress ... Read More

Column Skirt/Straight Skirt

Column Skirt/Straight Skirt: A straight-line skirt without flares or fullness at the hem or waistline (aka Pencil Skirt) ... Read More

Corset Top/Boned Bodice

Corset Top/Boned Bodice: strapless top contoured with boning with laces or snap closures that is extremely form fitting ... Read More

Cowl Neck

Cowl Neck: A loosed draped fold at the neckline of a top ... Read More

Crew Neck

Crew Neck: a round neckline that sits close to the base of the neck encircled by a ribbed banding ... Read More

Cropped Top/Jacket

Cropped Top/Jacket: a top or jacket where the hem is cut above the waist ... Read More

Dolman Sleeve

Dolman Sleeve: a sleeve designed without a socket for the shoulder-creating a deep armhole extending from the waist to the wrist. A.K.A. Batwing sleeve ... Read More

Double Breasted

Double Breasted: normally a jacket where one-half of the front lays over the other, and usually has a double row of buttons and a single row of buttonholes ... Read More

Double-Tee Top

Double-Tee Top: one t-shirt over the other, giving the effect of layers ... Read More

Draped Bodice

Draped Bodice: extra pieces of material laid over the bustline ... Read More

Empire Waist

Empire Waist: a waistline that begins below the bust ... Read More

Flat Front Pants

Flat Front Pants: Pants without pleat in the front ... Read More


Gaucho: Extremely wide-legged pants that end in the mid calf to ankle region of the leg. Are normally worn with boots ... Read More

Halter Top

Halter Top: a sleeveless shirt that meets on the top of the neckline creating a high choke or wrap neck and is normally backless ... Read More

Handkerchief Style

Handkerchief Style: A hem of a blouse or skirt that is gently jagged to form flowing points ... Read More

Jewel Neck

Jewel Neck: a round and high neckline that rests at the base of the neck ... Read More

Keyhole Neck

Keyhole Neck: a round or tear shaped cutout that meets at the front or back neckline ... Read More

Mandarin Collar

Mandarin Collar: an Asian inspired collar that is short and stand-up ... Read More

Notched Collar

Notched Collar: a two-piece collar that can be worn open ... Read More

Off-the-Shoulder Neck

Off-the-Shoulder Neck: a neckline that displays uncovered shoulders, above the top of the bustline ... Read More

Peasant Top

Peasant Top: a romantic style top that often has a low neckline, ruffles, and is made from free flowing materials ... Read More

Sarong Skirt

Sarong  Skirt: A long cloth that is wrapped entirely around the body, often worn over bathing suits ... Read More

Scoop Neck/Round Neck

Scoop Neck/Round Neck: a u-shaped/round neckline ... Read More

Shawl Collar

Shawl Collar: a one-piece, rounded collar that is turned down to form a continuous line from the back of the neck to the front ... Read More


Sheaths: Skirts/Dresses that are straight or close fitting and accompanied by a form fitting bodice. These skirts are normally ankle length and sometimes have slits in the front, side, or back to make it easier to walk ... Read More


Shrug: a small jacket that is often cropped right underneath the armpit with long sleeves ... Read More


Skort: Shorts+ skirt= skorts. Basically, shorts that are covered to appear like skirts ... Read More

Split Neck

Split Neck: a round neckline that forms a small “v” in the center ... Read More

Square Neck

Square Neck: an open-yoke neckline shaped to form a half-square ... Read More

Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart Neck: an open-yoke neckline shaped to form the top half of a heart ... Read More


Tankini: a two piece bathing suit in which the top portion resembles a tank top ... Read More

Trapeze Top

Trapeze Top: A top that flares from the bust line out, resembling the shape of a tent ... Read More

Tulle Skirt/Bouffant Gown

Tulle Skirt/Bouffant Gown: A puffed-out, sheer colored skirt often made out of stiffened silk, rayon or nylon net ... Read More

Tunic Style

Tunic Style: a simple slip on garment usually knee-length or longer worn as an under or outer garment ... Read More


Unitards: a one-piece, tightly fitted garment for the torso, legs and feet, and arms ... Read More


V-Neck/V-Back: an open yoke forming a “V” shape midway down the bodice ... Read More

Wrap Top/Surplice Top

Wrap Top/Surplice Top: a garment created by cross-wrapping fabrics, sometimes in the front or back and associated with a high/low neckline ... Read More
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