From earrings to shoes, accessories are the supporting cast of any ensemble. Choose accessories well, and they’re like the soft, glowing spotlight on your outfit. Everything else looks better. Wear the wrong accessories and, well, you know how that turns out. Read our best accessories advice here.

3 diy tribal necklaces

How to Make Your Own Tribal Necklace

Inspired by Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2012 line, I became obsessed with making a statement tribal necklace — knowing it would be the perfect accessory for my upcoming trips to LA and Florida. One thing...
Blue bag with natural background

The Five Best Handbag Brands on a Budget

It’s a fashion truth: the perfect bag can make an outfit out of any old basics you have in your closet. Clutches, satchels, cross-bodies, hobos, and totes always fit, too. When it comes to...
Chain bracelet

How to Make a Statement Bracelet

Rhinestones and crystals are having a moment this season, so it’s the right time to add some bling to your accessory collection. If you prefer making your own to shopping at Claire’s (and who...
Close up of Louis Vuitton bag

Does Your 13-Year-Old Need a Louis Vuitton Purse?

Editor’s note from 2011: In light of our current economic situation, I wanted to share this TBF post discussing the increased level of brand consciousness among millennials (those born in the late 80s-mid 90s)....

How to Wear a Statement Necklace

What’s the best way to add some punch to an otherwise so-so outfit? With a sexy statement necklace of course! But you might be wondering how to pull off big, bold and extravagant pieces...
retro fashion: Knit checker cardigan

Retro Fashion: 10 Great Pieces on a Budget

Trends come and go but there’s always place for vintage in our hearts at TBF. Why? Vintage is classic without being boring, quirky without being, well, Lady Gaga. Of course, true vintage can get...
Accessories 3

Temple St. Clair for Target Collection

What: Target has partnered with renowned fine jewelry designer Temple St. Clair for a limited-edition jewelry collection. This collection includes necklaces, cuffs, earrings and rings, and ranges in price from $29.99 to $49.99 and...
louis vitton bag

How to Tell if Your Louis Vuitton is Fake

Many unsuspecting budget fashionistas spend up to $1000 on “authentic” Louis Vuitton bags that turn out to be fakes. Before purchasing your bag, read these basic rules to determine whether or not your Louis...
Black Suede Wedge

Cheap Comfortable Shoes for the Fashion-Minded Lady

Dear Budget Fashionista, I have a question! I’m a college senior about to embark on interviews, then hopefully a job — even a career if I’m lucky. 😉 I live in tennis shoes with...
Mint green boxy strap bag

Where to Get Designer Inspired Bags

Editor’s note: This post was originally about and its designer-inspired collection of handbags. Sadly, is no more. So, it’s 2017 now and we’ve rewritten this post to include other online stores that...
nude, low-rise pantyhose

Fashion Advice: Low Rise Pantyhose

Dear Budget Fashionista: Where can I find a pair of panty hose that have a low rise? Hue used to make some that I could find at Macy’s, but last I checked, Macy’s didn’t...
Balenciaga bag

Does Bluefly Sell Fakes? The Fake Debate

(Editor’s note: This post about Bluefly fakes was updated 08/17 to include more sources and Bluefly’s statement on authenticity.) The fake debate continues and apparently our friends over at the internet’s number one designer...
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