From earrings to shoes, accessories are the supporting cast of any ensemble. Choose accessories well, and they’re like the soft, glowing spotlight on your outfit. Everything else looks better. Wear the wrong accessories and, well, you know how that turns out. Read our best accessories advice here.

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Top 6 Summer Handbags You’ll Want to Carry

Tote all of your essentials in a chic, inexpensive bag this summer season. From sleek and professional leather satchels to cute and convenient clutches, there’s a bag for every occasion and style taste. These...
Woman with sore feet

Bunions Got You Down? Try These 6 Adorable Shoe Styles That Won’t Kill Your Feet

Bunions are the worst. See our favorite picks re: shoes for bunions -- 6 pairs of stylish footwear that won't have you cringing in pain.
Sling PetSmart

Show off Your Pet in Style with Fashionable Pet Carriers

Love to look great?  Of course (you’re a fashionista, after all). Love your pet?  Who doesn’t adore their furry friend? Why not get the best of both worlds by stepping out with fashionable pet carriers?...
Woman wearing polka dot socks with sandals

Stockings, Leggings, and Pantyhose: What to Wear and When

A cold front may be on its way in, but now’s not the time to let uninvited weather thwart your style. You’ve noticed the surge of ’90s-inspired minis and slips, ’00s-inspired denim skirts and...
UGLY purple UGG boots

The Case Against UGG Boots, The Sexy Footwear Wannabe

UGG boots may be coveted by many, but to me, they’re a sexy footwear wannabe. This big boot is a glorified slipper backed by clever branding, desired by ladies who fall for the sheepskin hype. Normally I’m a...
Ugg boots with a pile of sweaters. I love Uggs!

Uggs! A Case for the Brand We Love to Hate — Plus What Celebs Think About Uggs

I love Uggs boots and I'm not the only one. Here are 5 reasons to appreciate this sheepskin-lined boot, plus the popular celeb opinion on Uggs!
Fashion Earrings

Updated! Not Pierced? 10 Fab Clip-On Earrings Under $20

When it comes to earrings, it seems the pierced kind are all we think about.   After all, we assume most ladies have pierced ears (I’m guilty of it myself).  But what about women who are oh-so-fashionable with clip-on...
Women's Oxfords

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

The essential Oxford shoe. It is fashion magic cluster of intellect, charm, chic, feminine and masculine rolled into one. The Oxford shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland and then made its way into men’s...
Eyeglasses, eyeglass case and lipstick on a table

Updated! An Eye for Stylish Eyeglass Cases

This post about eyeglass cases was last updated in January, 2019. These days, I’m all about stylish eyeglass cases. Let’s just say I recently had enough of my contact lenses (they’d keep falling on...
cutout boots

Updated! Cut Out Summer Shoes Under $50 — Beat the Heat in Style

This post was last updated in January, 2019. When summer’s in full force, that means stepping out in feminine, fun styles. When it comes to footwear, one trend we can’t get enough of are shoes with laser...
Black and white image of woman wearing large sunglasses

These Oversized Shades Would Make Jackie O. Proud

This post about oversized sunglasses was last updated in February, 2019. Even though we’re eager to break out the layers, we’re still soaking up the last bit of sun in oversized shades, for a...
Ted Baker

Updated! Stylish Smartphone Covers

This post about stylish smartphone covers and cases was last updated January, 2019. Your phone should not be the least fashionable piece of your outfit. And, it doesn’t have to be. The trouble is,...

Hat Trends Every Girl Should Try

Hats are like earrings. They’re made to compliment your look. This season we’ve seen more and more women of color really utilizing hats as an accessory to amp up their look. Case in point,...
woman holding red patent leather shoes

Patent Pending: Patent Leather Shoe & Bag Combos to Love

So there’s this “rule” that wearing patent leather shoes with a patent leather purse is a big no-no. For as long as I can remember, the world’s beat it into our heads that we’re...

These Shoes Will Make Your Travel Experience A LOT Easier

Thank you to Crocs for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. We’ve heard a lot of airport horror stories. We’re talking long queues, frisking, grumpy folks and seemingly-endless luggage checks. In fact,...

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in… Uggs?!

What: UggAustralia offers a “cozier” alternative to heels: The UGG I Do Wedding Shoe Colection, priced from $80 to $225.What They Say: From UGG Australia Add some sparkle to your day. Say “I Do”...

Vera Wang Jewelry Still Killin' it at Kohl's

You’ve been dropping carefully orchestrated, subtle hints to your man for months (5 months, 22 days, and 5 hours, but who’s counting?), and you always make sure to “pass by” a certain jewelry store...
Kate Middleton wearing pink fascinator

How to Style a Fascinator Hat (& Where to Get One)

Deep down, every one of us kind of wants to be Kate Middleton. But not because she gets to be a princess, and not because she’s married to a prince. Or duke. Whatever. Truth...
Fake handbags on rack

Should I Buy a Fake Handbag? Hmm. No

Raise your hand if you dream of owning a designer handbag? Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Prada — they’re all stunning, to die for, fab and all the rest of it. Now, raise your hand if...
Pair of kitten heels on wood floor

The Cat Came Back — The Resilient Kitten Heel

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting a wee bit tired of the sky high, over-the-top, Rachel-Zoe-inspired platform (with all due respect to the ever glamorous stylista, of course). Don’t get us wrong...
Colorful handbag featuring elephant pattern

Cheap & Colorful Handbags for Spring (Under $50)

Ready to toss your dark and dreary winter gear in favor of brighter, upbeat pieces? While you might feel like emptying your closet to make room for all-new stuff, your bank account might not...
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