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Make-up colors go in and out of fashion just as clothing styles do, right? Stay in the know with our budget beauty posts — our best content to keep you in the know about the latest in beauty trends and money-saving tricks!

Make-up colors go in and out of fashion just as clothing styles do, right? Stay in the know with our budget beauty posts — our best content to keep you in the know about the latest in beauty trends and money-saving tricks!

Here you’ll find budget beauty hacks for real women, including info on how to create your own beauty products and how to find the perfect makeup for your skin tone. Our most popular beauty posts share tips for affordable self-indulgences, like DIY facials and creating a spa-like bath experience at home.

Anti-aging is one of our favorite topics as well. Dive into our “face” collection to get the latest on anti-aging products, including skincare and beauty supplements.

Or if you’re the gal who’s always searching for her next go-to hair style, take a peek at our hair beauty posts.

Our body beauty posts share what’s trending in self-tanners, nail polish colors, moisturizers and more.

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Celeb Inspired Beauty Picks Under $20

Opening night at the 71st Cannes Film Festival hosted a number of celebrities, each as stunning as the last. Many sported a classic beauty look: red lips, soft shadow, and heavy black eyeliner on...
Woman applying pink eyeshadow with a makeup brush

Beauty Hack of the Week: Cheap Makeup Brushes

Dear Budget Fashionista, Do you have any recommendations for decent, affordable makeup brushes? Well, yes, dear reader, we do. Read on for our top seven picks! 7 Budget Make-up Brushes & Brush Sets Sonia...
Brunette holding up her hair

The Very Best Budget Shampoo Brands

Gorgeous hair is something we all want, right up there with being thinner, richer and owning more shoes. While the last three aren’t always attainable, great hair is. We love salon-quality shampoos as much...
Budget Beauty 2

8 Fake Tanners Fashionistas are Raving About on Amazon

With fashionistas everywhere embracing the ‘fresh face’ trend this season, a glowing complexion is a must. All we have to say is, thank the beauty gods for the modern generation of self-tanners that delivers...
beauty products

9 Low-Cost Beauty Hacks You Can’t Live Without

The bad news about getting serious with beauty is that the products cost a lot. You can easily burn through several hundred dollars in a single shopping trip just to buy one of each kind...
Woman in bath with champagne

8 Steps to a Relaxing, At-Home Bath Experience

I’m writing this from the Las Vegas airport, headed home after a 36-hour trip to LA. I’m beat and ready to be home, sleeping comfortably in my own bed. In times like these I...
Beauty rollers collage

Beauty Roller — Beating the Puffy Face This Winter

The holiday bloat shows itself in more ways than one. Sure, there’s the seasonal weight gain and party-bloat you might feel in your midsection (or back fat!). But more distressing is the puffy face....
#foryouage campaign - share stories of "for your age" backhanded compliments

Looking Great for Your Age — Why It’s Not a Good Thing (Sponsored)

Thank you to RoC Skincare for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own. You look great for your age. It’s supposed to be a compliment, I guess. But what if...
Sparkly copper eye makeup

Shine On: Metallic Holiday Makeup to Wear Now

Fall might make you think matte neutrals — but before you pull out the Urban Decay Naked palette, hear us out! There’s no better time for drama and glamour than the holiday season. And,...
Woman putting on concealer over puffy eyes.

Puffy Eyes Got You Down? 8 Tricks to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

Thank you to RoC Skincare for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. The holiday party season is about to kick off, which means it’s time for a refresher on looking refreshed. If...
Woman washing her face

High-Tech Beauty: Best Beauty Gadget Buys

Somewhere, sometime, beauty has become the fall-back gift for girls. Whether it was Lip Smackers chapstick packs during our pint-sized years, Bath & Body Works lotions and shower gels during the teen years, or...
4 acids to treat dry skin in winter

Fight the Flake: 4 Acids Your Skin Needs Now

After one of the longest (and warmest!) summers to date, you’re not alone if you’re craving crisp, cold weather. But the temperature drop we’ve all been waiting for comes at a price. Just as...
Healthy hair tips - woman with beautiful, healthy hair

Healthy Hair Tips: Cold Weather Hacks for Color-Treated Hair

Healthy hair year-round is the holy grail of beauty addicts, right? When our hair is healthy, it’s softer, more  manageable and holds colors and styles longer. When it’s dried out and brittle, our color...
Budget Beauty 3

Budget Beauty Products — What’s in My Beauty Bag

Thanks to RoC Skincare for collaborating on this post about budget beauty products. All opinions are my own. My bathroom is currently in a state of disaster — sadly, a sloppy contractor botched our...
20s Mod Hairstyle

Flashback Fashion — How to: The 1920s Mod Hairstyle

The ’20s-inspired mod hairstyle is fabulously chic, is it not? The best part is that, with some practice, you can whip up this ‘do at home. You’ll need the gel, mousse or hair cream...
Budget Beauty 4

Best Beauty Looks Returning with Fall TV

The kids are finally back in school, it’s getting dark earlier and soon we’ll be falling back into our old autumn routines. Our favorite? Cozying up on the couch to watch some small-screen action...
Solange with a textured, blunt cut

Chopped: Fall’s Freshest Cut

They say life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. We say a little self-imposed change can be the jumpstart. A clean break — or in this case, chop —...
Budget Beauty 5

Help! What Can I do About Early Signs of Aging?

Thanks to RoC Skincare for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. A Budget Fashionista reader recently wrote in to ask: Hi Catherine!! I love your blog. I’d like to ask you a...
Collage of hot weather hair styles for long, medium and short hair.

6 Summer Hair Styles to Beat the Heat

Your hair is one of your best accessories. But in hot, humid weather, your hair is also your worst enemy. For babes with length, the summer heat makes your locks feel heavy and sweaty....
Hair and scissors

10+ Easy Summer Beauty & Style Tips for Moms

As a mom, it’s easy to neglect what you wear. Your priority is the family, after all. Mornings are a rush of getting the kids ready, and evenings, you’re focused on winding them down...
Ellen Tracy Contouring Kit

Contouring After 40 — Yea or Nay?

Contouring 101 Contouring promises to ‘reshape’ and define your facial features. Want your cheekbones to look more prominent, your forehead to look less square, or your round face to seem longer? Some beauty experts...
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