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Beautiful body care advice! Need the latest on detox, ballet fitness or bodycare tools and products? Or, are you in need of some best-body inspiration? You’re in the right place! Whether you’ve reached your body goals or not, we’re here to help you feel gorgeous today, as you are.

Here, you can find out which self-tanners budget fashionistas love, how to pack your gym bag so you can hit the ground running post workout, how to have the best-looking nails in town, what all the buzz about teatox is about, and more.

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5 Ways to Keep Nails from Chipping

Nothing is more annoying than having your nail polish chip right after spending some dough (or time) getting a manicure. So, we’ve gathered a few tips for keeping your nails from chipping. How to...
Five nail polish colors

Nail Love! Refresh Your Style on the Cheap with These 5 Amazing and Affordable Nail Polishes

Pssst…here’s a secret you should know: Cheap nail polish is the simplest way to update your wardrobe. And you know we love cheap and simple. But we all hate chips, and no one has...
Woman with varicose veins weaing compression sock

How to Cover Varicose Veins

Dear Budget Fashionista, As a 52-year-old woman with varicose veins, do I need to wear pantyhose in the winter? Can I wear long shirts that goes almost to my ankles? What do I wear?...
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