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Fashion advice

This is our best advice on fashion! Budget Fashionista delivers wallet-friendly style and fashion advice so you’re always on-trend and looking amazing.

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Fashion for Your Age

The rules of fashion are mostly just loose guidelines, as confidence trumps everything. But as we age, we might seek out some guidance on what is and is not age-appropriate. For those days when you’re feeling a little extra age-conscious, we’re here for you. Access our “budget fashion by age” tips with now: 20s and 30s40s and 50s60s and up

Fashion for Your Body Type

Choosing fashion for your body type is not about covering up — it’s about knowing what to look for & wearing pieces that make you feel fabulous. PetitePlus


Because you don’t wear a slinky LBD to work or power suit on a date, we’ve created these guides for fashion for the occasion. Date NightEverydayPartyPromWork

wide wdth shoes

The Best Stores for Wide Width Shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista,I love shoes, I want shoes, but I have a bunion and need wide shoes (I wear a 7w). I’m nervous about buying online because the fit is so important, especially with...
Brandi Glanville

How to Avoid Brandi Glanville’s Wardrobe Malfunction

It’s summer, and in this kind of heat we’re all trying to wear as little as possible to stave off the sweat. I can’t even begin to count the days I spend a few...
Father's Day

The Budget Fashionista’s Guide for Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $30

As somewhat of a perfectionist, I’m always looking for the best – especially when it comes to gifts. Therefore, every year, about  a week before Fathers’ Day, I find several hours dedicated to combing...
Cute baby outside

Adorable Baby Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

What’s cuter than a fashionable baby? Really not much. After I had my fashion forward baby boy, I quickly learned that, apparently, babies change sizes faster than I could say his full name. Even...
Straw hat and passport on a table in airport

Quiz! What’s Your Vacation Style?

Summer is around the corner and people everywhere are getting ready to pack their bags and go on vacation! So where will you go? And once you get there, what will you wear? Maybe...
Increase Income

3 Money-Saving Tips to Look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S at Work

I know — “money-saving tips” and “looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S” are terms that might appear to be at odds with each other. But, keep reading and you’ll realize that these terms go hand-in-hand, especially for those...
Fashion I

The 20 Best Budget Fashion Tips of All Time

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion about the dos and don’ts of style. Depending on whom you listen to, you might stop wearing white after Labor Day or throw your combat boots away on...
Flipshion Site Review

Site Review: Flipshion Lets You Shop Runway Looks at Half the Price… Right On Your Phone!

Whether they are online or in hard copy, I’ve always been a fan of fashion magazines. Perhaps it’s my ADD, maybe it’s the fact that you can pack in the best of the best...
Woman checking clothes for quality

8 Secrets to Spotting High Quality Clothes

This post about how to find high-quality clothes was last updated in January, 2019. Do we really need to splurge in order to find high quality clothes? Not all of us can spend $400...
Wedding Guest Dresses

What to Wear to An Evening Wedding

As someone who has yet to plan a wedding for herself, I’ll be quick to admit that an evening wedding sounds rather lovely. Perhaps it’s indoors and winter, or outdoors during the summer and...
Increase Income

Stylish Ways to Increase Your Income

You’ve done a quasi-puritanical cleansing of your budget.  Translation?  Goodbye bimonthly mani’s, Sex and the City reruns on cable, and bikram yoga classes with the Australian teacher with quite possibly most soothing voice in...

5 Fashion New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

It’s the first few weeks of January, otherwise known as Resolution Season in most households, and if I had to wage a bet, I’d say Save More Money is high up on the list....
Jennifer Lopez at People's Choice Awards

It’s True. Celebrities Do Lose Weight Easier Than the Rest of Us.

On more than one occasion, Jessica Alba has dropped baby weight like magic. And other celebs like Beyonce, JLO and Blake Lively have been equally successful at slimming down, post-baby. What their secret? Read...
Shop It To Me

Dreaming of Your Own Shopping PA? Then Check out Shop It to Me

What: As we’re all familiar with the blessings that the internet brings to doing anything efficiently, one of my favorites is the world of personalized online shopping. Shop It to Me is one of...

How to Repurpose Makeup: 4 Nifty Things You Can Do with Excess Cosmetics

Having an excess of makeup isn’t the worst problem someone could have. Yet, it seems pretty common around the holidays with so many stockings that can be filled with small beauty items or gift...
Tai Beauchamp

Tai Beauchamp to the Rescue: We Caught up with Renowned Fashion & Beauty Expert for Holiday Style Tips

Tai Beauchamp, the fabulous style and beauty expert known for her helpful tips and common-sense flair, has come to the rescue for those of us deep in the throes of “what do I wear...
Naomi Watts

You Ask, We Answer: Best Formal Short Hairstyles

From Reader Lauren O: Do you have any ideas for formal short hairstyles? I read (& loved) your How-To Dress for a Formal Event, but you didn’t say anything about how to do short...
10 Tips for Hosting a Smashing Soiree

10 Tips for Hosting a Smashing Soirée

Admit it, we all want to be the hostess with the mostess. For me, I love hosting parties and half of the fun is preparing for them. I try to put an extra touch on...
Disappointed Shopper

Pardon My French: Two Stores with Sh&*ty Return Policies

I admit that I’m a compulsive returner. As we now all know, stores use trick lighting and deceptive mirrors (damn you, Forever 21!) to make us think we look better in items than we...
cocktail party

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

Dressing for a cocktail party can be a bit of a challenge. Back in the day, there were clear rules- ladies wore knee length skirts with gloves- however as society has become more causal,...

11 Reasons Why We Love Costco

Typically, this deal-minded gal tends to skip any store or Web site that requires a subscription or membership in order to spend money. Such annoying extravagances belong to gyms, magazines and cable TV and...
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