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Fashion advice

This is our best advice on fashion! Budget Fashionista delivers wallet-friendly style and fashion advice so you’re always on-trend and looking amazing.

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Fashion for Your Age

The rules of fashion are mostly just loose guidelines, as confidence trumps everything. But as we age, we might seek out some guidance on what is and is not age-appropriate. For those days when you’re feeling a little extra age-conscious, we’re here for you. Access our “budget fashion by age” tips with now: 20s and 30s40s and 50s60s and up

Fashion for Your Body Type

Choosing fashion for your body type is not about covering up — it’s about knowing what to look for & wearing pieces that make you feel fabulous. PetitePlus


Because you don’t wear a slinky LBD to work or power suit on a date, we’ve created these guides for fashion for the occasion. Date NightEverydayPartyPromWork

Catherine Brock, the Budget Fashionista

Women Over 40: Real Beauty Guide (Sponsored)

Readers, I am a RoC Skincare Ambassador. This means RoC provides me with free product and other compensation so I can share my honest opinions with you. Rest assured, you’ll always get real advice...

PINCHme Review: My Top 3 Picks of Free Health & Beauty Items

Readers: PINCHme sent us this package of products free of charge. We do not guarantee product reviews, and we only do them when we truly enjoy the product. Read on to learn how you can get...
colorful clothes in a closet

Clothing Resale: The Ultimate Guide

You finally cleaned out the closet — now what? You’re left with a pile of pieces you just had to have, and look at them now, so defeated balled-up on the floor. You know deserved to...
black pearl pendant on black velvet

Budget Accessory Spotlight: Freshwater Pearls

Readers: PearlsOnly sent us this pendant free of charge. We do not guarantee product reviews, and we only do them when we truly enjoy the product. I love black pearls. They have a deep, iridescent...
collage of engaged couples

Picture Perfect Color Tips for Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a lovely way to capture the chemistry and love between two people. They are also meant as a joyous celebration of a new chapter in your life. Ensure that your engagement...
Rachel Zoe wearing caftan-style dress

From Rachel Zoe to Transparent: The Caftan Update

Soooo, Jeffrey Tambor has never been considered a style icon, but we can’t help but being slightly and secretly obsessed with his blatant caftan love in Transparent. Even though the word “caftan” can sometimes invoke visions...
Social Media Apps

The 20 Greatest Fashion Apps Ever!

There’s no denying the App Store has changed our lives for the better and more efficient. But tucked away amongst the downloads are the real gold—the platforms that take it one further to aid...
Woman wearing headwrap

How to Tie a Headwrap: Tutorial

We’ve been obsessed with headwraps for quite some time. The reasons for said obsession are simple. Headwraps are the best accessory for hiding a bad hair day or adding some pop to your outfit...
Woman wearing scarf

How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves are this summer’s hottest accessory — whether it is worn on your head or around your neck. However, many fashionistas have a hard time figuring out exactly how to wear a scarf. Look,...

Forever21’s Magic Mirrors: Sorry You Really Don’t Look Hot in That Sequined Mini Skirt

A Very Sad Fact: Forever21 (and other stores) trick you into thinking you look hotter in their clothes than you actually do. How do they do this? Through the clever use of tilted mirrors,...
Why We Love Zappos

Why We Love Zappos

When I’m looking for fantastic deals that don’t cut corners on quality, “Zappos” is one of the first words I type in my computer.  I remember my neighbor was always getting boxes delivered to her...
what to wear to a spring wedding at night

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

If there’s any season that’s most notorious for being dubbed wedding season, it’s spring. Check out our tips for what to wear to a spring weeding. Since weddings should be all fun and no...
Color coordinated outfits

How to Color Coordinate Your Outfit For A Better Mood

Let’s face it — Monday mornings are a drag. The weekend is done. The work week has begun. And I rarely feel like getting dressed in my very best. This past Monday I decided...
Color Block

How to Color Block Outfits Without Looking Like a Toddler

Color blocking sounds ( and looks a little bit ) like an 80’s pop band, but it is simply the fashion of wearing multiple blocks of color in an outfit.  Spring is absolutely the...
What to Wear Winter Wedding

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding can be tricky. It’s too cold for the strapless and sleeveless dresses you wore to your summer weddings. Yet, you don’t want to be too...

How to Put Together a Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalism is the rage of boutique hotels and architects, of interior designers and Swedish furniture, but you don’t hear much when it comes to minimalist wardrobe. But you should. Less is more and that’s...
Organized closet

The Spring Clean! Closet Organization Ideas

Ah, spring! It’s the season of renewal — we refresh our wardrobe, get a new haircut and, reluctantly, clean and organize our closets. In the spectrum of cleanliness, most of us fall somewhere between...

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Patent Leather Shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista, How does one remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes? I have a cream pair that has brown marks and I have a red pair that has black marks. Do I...
Fall Fashion

10 Fall Fashion DOs and DON’Ts

You heard it first here: There are worse fashion faux-pas than spending outside your budget. Keep these 10 fall fashion do’s and don’ts in mind as you shop for your closet and pick our...
Converse outfit ideas

Updated! The Best Ways for Us Girls to Wear Converse

This post about how to style Converse was originally written in 2013, and updated in January, 2019. Converse are ubiquitous, adorable, and can be found on ladies from birth to 99! They come in...
wide wdth shoes

The Best Stores for Wide Width Shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista,I love shoes, I want shoes, but I have a bunion and need wide shoes (I wear a 7w). I’m nervous about buying online because the fit is so important, especially with...
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