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Fashion advice

This is our best advice on fashion! Budget Fashionista delivers wallet-friendly style and fashion advice so you’re always on-trend and looking amazing.

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Fashion for Your Age

The rules of fashion are mostly just loose guidelines, as confidence trumps everything. But as we age, we might seek out some guidance on what is and is not age-appropriate. For those days when you’re feeling a little extra age-conscious, we’re here for you. Access our “budget fashion by age” tips with now: 20s and 30s40s and 50s60s and up

Fashion for Your Body Type

Choosing fashion for your body type is not about covering up — it’s about knowing what to look for & wearing pieces that make you feel fabulous. PetitePlus


Because you don’t wear a slinky LBD to work or power suit on a date, we’ve created these guides for fashion for the occasion. Date NightEverydayPartyPromWork

Couple in formal wear

The Darker Side of Rent the Runway

It starts innocently enough. You’re browsing for the perfect dress — The One, really — for your special event, when you happen upon Rent the Runway. The company touts a selection of designer dresses,...
Cocktail party scene

Life of the Party — Cocktail Wear to Love in 2018

Falling in that hardly neat space between semi-formal and fancy, cocktail wear is a mystery to many aspiring fashionistas. If you have ever shown up to a bridal shower in a maxi dress or...
How to make clothes look expensive

Classy on a Cent: 8 Tricks to Make Clothes Look Expensive

Want to look like a million bucks when you’ve only got 10? Chin up, girl, because it can be done! And it doesn’t have to involve wearing giant cubic zirconia rings to blind and...
Stylish woman wearing black jumpsuit

How to Style a Jumpsuit Like a Pro

You see them all the time — and they look amazing. Jumpsuits may not hold the same broad versatility as, say, your favorite pair of jeans or stretchy leggings. But with a little bit...
Striped top from Express

How to Mix Your Stripes Like a Sartorial Champ

Doing right by stripes is a job for a sartorial champ — or at least someone who understands the intricacies of sleek lines and the ways they play best with one another. In truth,...
Nickel free jewelry collage

Nickel Free Jewelry on a Budget

Dear Budget Fashionista, I am very sensitive to metallic jewelry (I think it’s a nickel allergy), but I want to wear jewelry. I’m not allergic to gold, but it’s expensive and tends to be...
All white outfit

How to Make Whites Even Brighter

White makes a bold style statement year-round. The problem arises when those bright whites suddenly transform into something vaguely whitish — not quite the pristine shade that stands out in a crowd. Suddenly you’re dealing...
Stack of denim jeans

How to Unshrink — or Stretch — A Pair of Jeans

A reader asks: help! How do I unshrink jeans? Here’s our answer! Ah, life without your favorite pair of jeans! It’s almost unimaginable, especially if said pair enjoys frequent play in your everyday wardrobe....
What to wear to a job interview - woman and man waiting for a job interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

You nailed the cover letter, wowed them with your resume, and can’t wait to show them what you’ve got. But first you’ve got to get through the job interview. You may not know exactly...
Managing wardrobe through weight changes -- pretty woman wearing jeans and green top

How to Manage Your Wardrobe Through Weight Change

Need an adaptable wardrobe that still works for you through weight change? Here’s how. It’s standard for many women to experience weight change, either throughout the month or over the course of the four...
Black High Heel Shoes

How to Get Relief for Aching Arches

We’ve all been there. You grab yourself a super cute pair of shoes online, wait two weeks for them to arrive, only to discover that they hurt your feet every time you wear them....
Outfit of neutral color clothing

How to Master the Style Understatement with Neutrals

Who says bold pops of color are the end-all, be-all of style? Neutral color clothing too can be trendy and sophisticated when coordinated in a purposeful way. Plus, fashion gals on a budget benefit...
How to wear shirt dress

The Must-Have Summer Staple and How to Wear It

Finally decided to embrace the shirt dress? Great choice! Every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe. The shirt dress creates the perfect semi-casual look for spring and summer. What makes this...
Fashion Advice 1

Flashback Fashion: The Blouse for Serious Fashion Gals

A few decades ago, only certain women could pull off menswear with authority — Katharine Hepburn being among the best at it. Not so today. Menswear-inspired silhouettes are fairly mainstream, and range from the...
Outfit with denim shorts

Up Your Shorts Game with These Trending Instagram Outfits

From the street to the beach, shorts are a go-to in summer. While you can find this warm-weather staple in a variety of colors and styles, they can be tricky to wear stylishly —...
Fashion Advice 2

How to Shop Online and Try at Home

Today is the day Amazon Prime rolls out a new, higher price point. If free and fast shipping wasn’t enough to justify the $119/year membership, there’s a little something called Amazon Prime Wardrobe that’ll...
Woman wearing tight black dress

A Smoother You — Fab Shapewear Brands We Love

While shapewear isn’t a new invention (hello, girdles), sucker-inners have definitely come into their own in recent years. Thanks to one Sarah Blakely, innovator of Spanx, body shapers are now a fully competitive category...
Fashion Advice 3

How to Wear Capris If You’re Tall

Most tall girls will agree that clothing options are limited when you near or surpass the six-foot mark. While those long, model-esque legs look amazing in skirts and bikinis, capris are tough to pull...
Fashion Advice 4

Street Style Spotlight — How to Wear the Long Belt Trend

So much more than a skinny strip of material, the belt can play a starring role in your wardrobe. It adds color, texture, and interest to an otherwise simple ensemble. The right belt also...
Woman with 90s style: short hair and denim jacket

How to Wear the Double Denim Trend

What’s better than denim? Even more denim. The double denim trend from the ‘90s and early 2000s is back with a vengeance, and you don’t have to be a runway model to make it...
Fashion Advice 5

Fan Girl: The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys are no longer only the stuff of Super Bowl parties. Whether you’re a diehard sports fan or just appreciate the comfort of polyester knit mesh, it’s A-OK to turn your boyfriend’s sports...
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