Best Bras on a Budget: Reader Advice

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You know we love to hear from you here at The Budget Fashionista, so today we’re introducing a brand new feature, “You Speak.” We pick the topic, then you tell us your picks—for beauty and fashion items that have given you the most bang for your buck.

This week, the topic is one we all could use a little help on: Best Bras on a Budget. For the record, we like the Cacique line at Lane Bryant, and Angela loves Calvin Klein t-shirt bras (picked up on sale at Macy’s, of course). What’s your favorite? Dish away!

photo courtesy of Calvin Klein”>Calvin Klein

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  • semer

    Just as an FYI, a website picked this up and, while crediting you, basically reworked this page wholesale as their content – I dunno if that’s kosher with you or not so I thought I’d pass on the link.  I found it shopping online for my vanity fair bra I love 😉

  • Karinalicious

    I recently bought a bra from Urban Outfitters, On clearence for 10$ and It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made!

    I have a larger chest so finding adequet support and lift is difficult to find in a bra, without my boobs falling out of it when I bend over.

    But I have no problems wit this bra.
    It’s also convertible, So I can wear it strapless or as a halter or cross back.

    The Brand Is No Romeo and It normally retails for 24$. It’s the greatest bra I’ve ever bought, and By far the cutest.

  • MizHalsegan

    I’m small on top too, so I don’t know if this will work for the big-bosomed, but I have found Target’s Gilligan/ O’malley bras to be pretty good, and H&M;‘s bras are good too. I also like Victoria’s Secret on sale.

  • Budget Babe

    I swear by Gap Body bras – they’re the only thing I buy from the Gap these days 🙂

  • ThePinkSuperhero

    Bras are something I just can’t skimp on.  I was fitted at a Manhattan boutique and fell in love with Prima Donna bras, but was appalled at how expensive they were.  While Googling some bra info for a male friend, I found a site- – that had reasonable prices, items my size on sale (and free shipping, courtesy of RetailMeNot).  The bras I ordered arrived and are working out great.  As long as I’m certain of my size, I’ll be buying my bras online.

  • misanthropic777

    I’m a 40DD/DDD and don’t like underwires.  My favorite actually turned out to be a Playtex cross-your-heart seamless soft cup; the seamless satin side-shaping bra.  I can do everything but run in and and my boobs are always where they are supposed to be.

  • semer

    I am a 36-38D and have a terrible time finding comfortable bras that fit correctly.

    My first pick hands-down is the Olga Curves style #35040.  It’s very comfortable, soft, nicely lined, and has no-poke wire that *actually* doesn’t poke.  I wish that were not such a miracle.

    I pick them up at Kohl’s; MSRP $32, but I usually get them for $15 or so with sales and mail-away offers from Olga.

    The other bra I have recently found which I like a lot is Vanity Fair style #75214.  It’s got more structure, much more style, and better color choices.  I think the Olga is more versatile (I can exercise in them in a pinch), but I also like my pretty lace sometimes. 🙂

  • KBAM

    While they aren’t always budget, I really like Victoria’s Secret bras.  I bought mine during the semi-annual sale and got 3 for 19.00 each.  They have held up really well.  I am a only a 34B, so I don’t know how they work for busty-er girls, but for me they are great.

  • sentimentalbrowneyes

    In my size range the most affordable come from the brands Fantasie of England, Panache, and Freya. I buy them at Bravissimo. Others sites that sell them are Bello Lusso and Fig Leaves.

  • I just <i>love</i> Macy’s Wacoal and Bali bras. They’re easily under $40 and, since I’ve got some healthy-sized girls, they go all the way up to <b>F</b>, in most stores!

    As you mentioned in your book, is an excellent resource for the bra-untrained/shy. You just input your desires (support, minimizers, full coverage, demi) and your size and <b>BOOM!</b>, you’ve got bras!

    I must say, also, that my <i>least</i> favorite bras for heavy-chested girls come from Target. They might be extremely cost-effective and pretty (Gilligan & O’Malley makes some gorgeous designs), but there’s little to no support, and they seem to fall apart easily.

    Great feature!