You by Crocs: Crocs Go Mainstream

What: The people behind Crocs, the plastic shoes we all love to hate, has just come out with a more traditional shoe line called “You by Crocs” and, ehh umm, they’re actually cute.
AOL/Money: The first YOU by Crocs(TM) collection (MSRP: $149-$299), High Spirits, features luxurious materials, including lamb’s wool, leather and suede that line the shoes from calf to toe, creating the ultimate experience in comfort. Fall inspired boots and shoes in rich colors showcase round toe-boxes and roomy footbeds in a current, yet classic style, all designed to increase comfort in a high-heeled shoe. 
What I say: For the most part I like the collection, I really do, sort of reminds me of the brand Campers. Granted the styles aren’t “haute couture”, but it’s a HUGE improvement on those plastic shoes. Plus the comfort factor means you’ll live in the boots. The down side is that the shoes go from size 6 to 10.5. Why they stopped at 10.5, is a complete mystery to me. Shoe sizes usually stop at a whole size. Did someone like, break the size 11 mold?


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