You by Crocs: Crocs Go Mainstream

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What: The people behind Crocs, the plastic shoes we all love to hate, has just come out with a more traditional shoe line called “You by Crocs” and, ehh umm, they’re actually cute.

AOL/Money: The first YOU by Crocs(TM) collection (MSRP: $149-$299), High Spirits, features luxurious materials, including lamb’s wool, leather and suede that line the shoes from calf to toe, creating the ultimate experience in comfort. Fall inspired boots and shoes in rich colors showcase round toe-boxes and roomy footbeds in a current, yet classic style, all designed to increase comfort in a high-heeled shoe. 

What I say: For the most part I like the collection, I really do, sort of reminds me of the brand Campers. Granted the styles aren’t “haute couture”, but it’s a HUGE improvement on those plastic shoes. Plus the comfort factor means you’ll live in the boots. The down side is that the shoes go from size 6 to 10.5. Why they stopped at 10.5, is a complete mystery to me. Shoe sizes usually stop at a whole size. Did someone like, break the size 11 mold?

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  • Dina

    I can’t believe anyone would think this is “cute”.  I have just finished reading some of your older reviews where SJP and The GAP and other lines are bashed for being boring, blah, blah, etc. so I wondered what this group considers okay.  Having seen what makes the grade with this crowd, I can honestly say I’ll take plain and boring any day if being in style means wearing stuff that looks like this.

    I think most of the stuff that comes down the runway looks ridiculous on anyone, including the models wearing it. It isn’t made to flatter anyone larger than an anorexic, it’s over priced garbage with an awfully rich person sitting behind the label.

  • Tina

    I think they look cute. The price though is a little steep. I love boots and if they are as comfortable as they claim, I might consider it.

  • Amy

    I think regular Crocs are the Devil’s footwear. But,  I think these are cute in that chunky, funky sorta way. I’ll give them a whirl—only if I can find them on sale, of course!

  • Kate

    Those boots are hideous!! I hate crocs and I have the feeling it’s going to take a lot before I would even begin to consider these an option. Plus, the price seems a bit outrageous for some cheap, shiny looking boots. Nay!

  • ao

    The “hideous plastic” shoes may not be every fashionista’s cup of tea, but…
    They are the most comfortable, wonderful shoes I’ve worn in years.  The knock-offs have the same “look” but are made of harder, uncomfortable material.  My original crocs are almost a year old, worn during water aerobics, gardening, 3 miles walks around the neighbohood, and just as knock around the house footwear.  They are still in excellent shape and easy to clean and oh so wonderfully comfortable!

  • christal

    I think they are really cute.  But I am not sure if I would buy them.

  • Crisi

    The line is adorable…I can’t wait until I can get some of my own.

  • danielle

    I’m still nervous about buying anything from the “croc” brand. They need to earn my trust a few more times after the hideous plastic shoes.

  • TBF

    I agree the price is a little high, but IF the boots are as comfortable as they say, then it would be worth the price for someone like me who wears boots on a daily basis in the winter…

  • anna

    its eh… expensive for the look. looks cheap, is expensive. I like it the other way around

  • kelly

    I like these a lot!  They are so much cuter than other “comfortable” lines like Easy Spirit or Clarks and pretty decent prices too!