Yea or Nay: K-Mart

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This week’s Yea or Nay is all about K-Mart, which still manages to hang on despite being surrounded by cheaper (Wal-Mart) and more stylish (Target) stores.

Here’s some facts (well at least as I see it) about K-Mart….

1. K-Mart was one of the first major discount department stores to do a celebrity fashion line (the Jacqueline Smith line, which has grossed over $600 million since it’s incept in the early eighties)

2. 99.9% of K-Marts are a total mess. Yes, Wal-Mart is a mess, too. But Wal-Mart is a cheaper mess.

3. The Martha Stewart line has great towels. (at least, according to my mom).

4. The worst, fashion related thing you can do is to take your kids clothing shopping at K-Mart. Even Goodwill is thought to be cooler. Except in Puerto Rico, where K-Mart is the spot on a Saturday night (I’m not kidding).

So why do people still shop there? Is there a particular brand that draws you in? Is it habit? Is it location? What, if anything, could they do to make it better?

Kmart: Yea or Nay?