Yea or Nay: 80’s Fashion

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It’s not super surprising that 80’s fashion has made a comeback this year; every other decade has been brought back, so why not the decade of Rubic cubes and stirrup pants? The 80’s were full of easy to love and easy to make fun of fashions (hmmm, remember the crimp iron?). Can we gracefully bring back leg warmers, perms, hot pink pumps, over-sized earrings, acid wash jeans, blue eyeliner, or god forbid, denim on denim? We’re split over here (Kathryn does want her Conair crimp iron back).

80’s fashion – is this idea rad or just plain bad?

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  • WitchyD

    I am of the opinion that if you lived through and wore a trend the first time around you should never wear it later in life. Cute, but I’ll leave this look to the young’uns.

  • BigGirlBlue

    Please, no stirup pants. Ever. My first perm was awesome by the way. The second and third didn’t go so well so I’ve promised my hair never to do it again. Oh, to be naturally curly.

    I totally see hot pink pumps making a come back.

  • Laura- right I do want my crimp iron back…
    @Emily Kennedy I bought a pair of jersey knit harem pants in a moment of weakness at Forever 21.. I’ve yet to recover..

  • EmilyKennedy

    Blech!  Extra bad.

    The only way to do it is like with any other poison, small bits at a time, balanced by many other perfectly reasonable items. 

    Except never again acid wash jeans, perms, or denim on denim.  NEVER.  Also, harem pants are highly inadvisable, as they are just hammer pants with pegged ankles; an especially atrocious mix of 80’s hallmarks.

  • eggplant

    Lately I have been onn the lean side so I am enjoying the tight jeans rebirth thing. I am happy they aren’t as high on the waistline as in the eighties. The true eighties Guess jeans were too corset like.