Workout Pants: 5 Options Under $40

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3. Padded Cycle Pants

Aero Tech Women’s Padded Cycle Pants, $39.95, AeroTech Designs

Whether you’re a biker or a spin class junkie, cycle pants are a must! Don’t let an aching backside keep you off your workout. These fun pants come down past the knees to minimize the chafing you might feel with a shorter pant. They’re also absorbent and wrinkle-free. The spandex capri style comes in three super-energetic patterns.

4. Workout Skirt

Nike Pure Skirt, $29.99,

Workout skirts are most often worn in tennis and field hockey, but they’re becoming more popular with runners and even triathletes. This Nike piece is fashionable, breathable and lightweight. The built-in shorts keep you from worrying about too much exposure (on a bike, for example) so you can move quickly and confidently. Choose your favorite of five color options: green, red, navy blue, light blue and yellow.

5. Warm-up Pants

Nike Team Overtime Pants, $39.99,

These Nike pants are ideal for cold days walking into the gym, or for warming up before an outside workout. Since these pants are 100% polyester, your lower half will be warm and comfortable. The pants feature an elastic waistband, pockets, and a side zipper at the bottom of the pants — handy when you need to pull the pants off over your shoes. You will also have nine colors options.

What are your favorite workout bottoms? Let us know below!