Season-Proof Your Outfits with These Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

A few days ago, it was sunny in Los Angeles. And by sunny, I don’t mean “30 degrees without a cloud in the sky” as I know some of my east-coast friends have notified me. Barely out of winter, it was an impressive low seventies and totally clear. Of course, just as I was starting to dig shorts and sundresses out from the back of my closet, I looked outside to see overcast and temperatures in the high fifties. What’s a girl to do?

In my experience, March and April are notorious for seasonal weather that jumps from summer-like temps to winter-like cold as fast as I can say, “I need a tan.” So, here are five ways you can transition-proof your seasonal attire without getting caught in or without a coat when you really don’t (or do!) need it.

Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

1. Outer Layers: One of the best ways to weather-proof your outfit is to layer. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but my technique is go by season. Put on the outfit (dress, shirt, etc) for the occasion. Then, depending on whether you will be inside or out, traveling by train, car, or foot, layer up. If I’m driving and know I’ll be inside, I don a light jacket or wrap for the transition. If I’m walking or know there is a chance I’ll be outside, I add a jacket on top of the wrap. My favorite look is a wrap-under-a-blazer, and I love this one from Lush ($40).

2. Hosiery: A few weeks ago I posted about my disdain and frustration with tights, leggings, and by association- all forms of hosiery. But, I recently learned that hosiery can be a girl’s best friend no matter what the season. Ranging from winter-thick (tights) to spring thin (practically see-through), a versatile collection of hosiery can take any outfit from too-cold to just-right. Since you can’t try on hosiery, I’ve spent too much time trying to find the best online retailer to satisfy my every need no matter where I am in the world (or weather). I love the line called VienneMilano, and my favorite pair is Alba Back Seam ($29.95).

3. Hats: I’ve always thought that hats ruin hair. But so does being caught in a wind tunnel and exiting all askew. There are ways to wear stylish hats without feeling like a baseball player or a dude in a beanie. has one of the widest ranges of hats I’ve ever seen, in a plethora of styles, prices, and “amount of heat.”

4. Scarves: Like portable blankets, there are some super-cool scarves out there available from “napkin-like” to full on “wool throw”-esque. Shop the American Apparel sale and snatch up the Printed Sheer Scarf for only $12.00. Or, spend a bit more for a whole lot more coverage and get my favorite Circle Scarf for $40.

5. Boots: My favorite “anytime of year” footwear, you can wear boots with pretty much everything. Owning a range of boot from bootie to knee enables you trap in the correct amount of warmth depending on the time of year. I love shopping the Aldo sale for everything sh0e-related. I love these mid-calf boots for $84, and know that I’ll wear them in winter (with leg warmers) and spring (with hosiery) and summer (with shorts), which makes them worth the investment!