Home Zen: Wind Chimes We Adore

There’s something soothing about the sound of a wind chime.  What can drive us crazy, though, are 1) people who decorate their entire yard with so many chimes that we need earplugs in the slightest breeze and 2) chimes that are too cutesy.  After all, we want subtle sounds that create a feeling of zen, without looking like we’re hanging a newborn’s Mickey Mouse mobile on our balcony.

We set out to find wind chimes that stand out from what every other house has (skirts, shoes, wind chimes . . . it’s all about standing out, right?) and boy, did we find some wind chimes we adore!

From colorful and airy ones to eco-friendly chimes, we found a few that caught our eye, er . . . ear.   They’re the perfect way to create or add to peaceful havens around our home in a way that looks whimsical and adult, not hokey or ordinary.

Stunning Wind Chimes Too Pretty Not to Have

Tell us, what wind chimes here do you like?