You Ask, TBF Answers: Where to Find New Winter Styles?

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Note: This post is inspired by one of our readers, Judy H., who asked:

It is the 5th day of February and all I’m getting online is information for spring clothes and newspaper, magazine ads, and catalogs for the same thing. I still need things for winter and what I find in the stores are sale racks in the back of the store jammed with marked down clothes in a mish-mash of styles and sizes. I’m in a really hard place trying to find some new pieces. Any suggestions?

Two days ago I flew from Los Angeles to New York and from 70 degrees to…30. In my book this counts as “still winter,” but I’ve noticed that here in NY, fashion has its own idea of what’s in and out. My desperate search for a winter coat, stylish winter gear, and a fun and classy hat and glove set went unmet at most places. Everything for “winter” had already gone on sale (I blame the recent fashion week) and the options were scarce. So, I had to get creative to find warm things to wear. Here is where I went for new winter styles and what I got.

Where to Shop for New Winter Styles This 2013

Uniqlo Ultra Light Jacket
Uniqlo: Premium Down Jacket, $69.90. Light and insulated (just not water proof) these short and long coats come in all colors. Bight a bright hue to make a statement or stick with neutrals to blend with your outfit.

Mink hat
Fur: Truly, fur anything. I went with  a mink headband to keep my head and ears warm.

Ugg Boots

Uggs: Always available, always warm, and totally cool. Keep your feet hot with loafers, shoes, and shearling boots.

Sure, fashion may say that dressing for cold weather is for the sales rack – but decked from head to toe in any of the above, you’re sure to have a fresh look without suffering for chic.

What are YOUR go-to places for new winter styles?

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