Best Buys in May: Spring Outfits, Unconventional Mothers’ Day Gifts, and More

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Dealnews has posted a list of what to buy and what NOT to buy this month of May. Fashion-savvy shoppers will be delighted to know that spring wardrobe is included among this month’s best buys.

What to Buy in May, and More from Dealnews

What They Say:

Late April was an excellent time to start shopping for spring clothing deals, but the discounts really heat up in May. That’s because current-season apparel has now been on the shelves for about two months, and in order to make way for summer styles, retailers will begin offering discounts that could take 50% to 75% off. If you want a particularly large discount, try holding out until Memorial Day weekend for those aforementioned stacking coupons.

What We Say: That’s a big “YAY!” for us, fellow budget fashionistas, considering that some elements of spring and summer wardrobes are nearly interchangeable, especially when paired with the right chic accessories. And stackable coupons? Yes, please! Plus, you can shop Spring essentials for your Mom this Mother’s Day–or better yet, shop with your Mom! If you ask us, nothing reinforces the loving bond of invisible umbilical cords like some serious bargain-hunting and price haggling. Just ask Kathryn, whose most favorite shopping trip is still with her mom.

Wondering what’s in the worst-buy list this month? Traditional Moms’ Day gifts like jewelry and flowers. (So yep, now is a very good time to be creative with your gift ideas.) Check out the Dealnews article for the full list.

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    I have some suggestions for what to buy In this May On Mother’s day.

    You can buy Trousers, Tops, Jackets, Dress etc.

    After Reading this blog you can get ideas for shopping