What to Buy (and NOT Buy) at Target

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What: In a recent CBS MoneyWatch article, Kathryn dished her tips on what to buy and what NOT to buy at everyone’s favorite discount department store, Target.

What Kathryn Said:  …recently the retailer has extended its cheap chic strategy to carry more designer cosmetics with quality and selections comparable to more expensive department store brands. Recent offerings in this vein include lines from Napoleon Perdis, Petra Strand, and Jemma Kidd. Target is also a good source for hard-to-find makeup brands, such as the U.K.’s Boots beauty products and Iman Cosmetics, a makeup line for women of color, says Kathryn Finney, founder of The Budget Fashionista

Question: What are the Best Things to Buy (and the best things to leave on the shevles) at Target?

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  • Joe

    I love target makeup it really brings out my eyes!

  • citigirl

    Be sure to check the return policy at Target, especially when buying underwear. They are more restrictive than some other stores, while not being so inexpensive.

  • Vicky

    I love their dresses, purses and coats but I wouldn’t never buy shoes from Target because they’re too flimsy. They also have awesome homewares,tops,bottoms and really cool headbands and jewelry. I recently brought a flat iron and matching hair dryer. I think and believe Target has something for everybody.

  • kjon

    Socks! I get tons of adorable over the knee socks just to wear around the house. They are cute and keep your legs warm!
    I also have a few things from their earlier ‘go international’ line but lately the materials used have been not so good. For example, when Paul & Joe had its run, I got an amazing shetland wool blazer that is still my favorite to this day and has looked great since the day I bought it.
    Overall, I’d say to be picky! Just because its a lower price point does not mean buy more things!

  • Emily

    I actually bought a pair of shoes at Target that turned out to be wonderful, but it was several years ago, pat of the Isaac Mizrahi line. They’re leather pumps with a leather sole, which means they don’t cut up my feet. Otherwise, I stick to sports bras, cosmetics, housewares, and occasionally snacks. For the price point, and for my expectations, Target is generally on par.

  • J

    Socks & underwear are my favorite Target items. 😀 I agree with Marian, though; never buy shoes from Target! I see cute shoes there all the time, but they always turn out to be made of this horrible ultra-ultra-stiff material – it’s like wearing Barbie shoes; molded plastic, you get me!? Anyway, it cuts up your feet like mad.

  • I don’t buy Target’s dresses or tops / fashion cardigans anymore, not fully priced anyway, because they run about $19 on average, and you can get similar (sometimes cuter) ones at Forever21 for quite a bit cheaper.
    However, I did buy a fantastic pair of jeggings there recently, they’re very structured so my butt isn’t hanging out, and SUPER adorable – studs down the side of each leg, and lots of wash detail – and they were only $15 on sale! I bought a 2nd pair (unfortunately full price at $19) because I loved them so much.
    So jeans I’d definitely get at Target, for fashion dresses I’d just stick to forever 21 or the sales rack.

  • Marian the Librarian

    I don’t buy shoes there anymore. They always turned out to be uncomfortable. I love the clothes, though. I have found great pieces on the clearance racks even!