What the Boho? The Hipster Trend at Bluefly

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The Deal: Top Designer Clearance Deals under $100 a Bluefly

The Lowdown: What used to be boho (ala Mary Kate Olsen, circa 2007) has recently emerged as “hipster” — and while we understand that this renaming of trends allows for maximum recycling of looks in the fashion and retail industry, we also understand that we are hopelessly full-on suckas for said trends. We do insist, however, that there’s a way to make it modern and do it on the cheap. So what’s so new about this boho/hipster/retro bohemian, etc. etc. trend? There’s a luxe factor this time around, and to that we say: we’re in.

The key to the 2010 boho hipster look is in the details — modern cuts (more fitted, less muu-muu and crochet plant-hanger) and colorful jeweled accessories. And to avoid the danger of taking a trend across the line to full-on fashion disaster, don’t wear all your boho-inspired pieces together; pick one or two and pair with simple basics to be chic, not cheesy. Don’t know where to start? Check out these quality (and discounted) budget designer pieces from Bluefly.com.

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Our Picks:

Bohemian Trend
1. Torn Tribal Rainbow Top, $49.99
2. Shyla Cafe Wool Button Front Capelet, $59.99
3. Miz Mooz Brown Oiled Suede Studd Studded Boots, $59.99

Bohemian Accessories
4. AV Max Gold Jeweled Dome Cocktail Ring, $45.99
5. Josefina De Alba Brown Beaded Mystique Bracelet, $49.99
6. AV Max Brown Tortoise Print Lucite Large Bangle, $29.99

Hipster Trend
7. Qi Oak Cashmere Taylor V-Neck Dress, $134.99
8. Joie Army Jersey Cropped Harem Pants, $71.00

Bohemian Trend
9. Corso Como Dark Chocolate Studded Suede Farran Flats, $65.99
10. Grace Hats Brown Knit Moss Watch Beret, $35.99

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  • joyce a

    Boho and hipster are two entirely different trends and while the two may mix for a great match, they really are unrelated. Seriously, I have no idea what an ironic t shirt or trucker hat has to do with boho or bohemian and neither do I know what long maxi dresses and gypsy inspired looks have to do with hipster.

    Also the those who tend to trend upwards, not following the crowd but leading, the hipster look died several seasons ago. The abundance of anti-hipster websites is a tribute to that.