Weekend Guest Welcome Kit: Entertaining on a Budget

Having guests over for the weekend can be both fun and stressful – which can end up reflecting back on your guests and make them feel less than welcome. Even when you’re hosting on a budget , you can still start the weekend off right by treating your guests to a welcome basket so that they’re sure to feel at home all weekend long.

First, find a basket or box that suits your guests taste, such as a photo box for an old friend (remember to tuck in some old photos of the two of you), or a woven basket. Try craft stores like Michaels or Joanns for inexpensive baskets in a variety of styles and sizes.

Next, think about your guests taste and try to match them. Are they weekend warriors? Pack sunscreen, hand salve and other essentials. For the spa types, place lotions, bubble bath, and a loofah or pumice stone in the kit.

Be sure to also include essentials such as trial-sized shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and toothpaste; a sponge or a few wash cloths; a disposable razor; mouthwash; and a toothbrush. No one wants to have to ask for them if they forget, and the last thing you want to do is have your guests feel uncomfortable with their morning breath.

Then, just relax and enjoy!

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