11 Great Wedding Veils and Hair Pieces on a Budget

Here’s a bit of fashion history. The wedding veil was invented in the 19th century as a way to convey the bride’s modesty and virginity.

Let’s take a moment to absorb that.

A lot has changed in the past 200 years.

We’re all friends here, so we can be honest with each other: the modesty and virginity train has left most of us a looong time ago. So, unless you want to go traditional (just faking the whole modesty thing for grandma), choose a different option for your wedding veil.

Non-traditional options like flowers, fascinators and hair pins all add quite a spin to your wedding day outfit by giving you the ability to create your own look. Even for my own wedding, I wore a floral hat: just a hat made of real flowers. Every time I look at photos from my wedding, I smile

Wedding Veils on a Budget: Where to Find Them


This marketplace for all things creative is perhaps the best place to find a unique veil for less than $30.


If cheap is more important that style, then you want to check out Amazon. During a recent search, we found wedding veils for less than $5.

Your Local Fabric Shop

While the local fabric shop may not be the first place you think about when looking for a veil, these shops can be great places to get supplies to make your own veil.


The online marketplace is a great site to find vintage veils and fascinators.

So here are a few options for awesome wedding veils on a budget.

Wedding Veils on a Budget

Traditional Veils

wedding veil on mannequin
simple white wedding veil
plain white wedding veil


delicate white fascinator style wedding hairpiece
large white fascinator style wedding hairpiece
white fascinator style wedding hairpiece


white floral wedding hairpiece
blue floral hairpiece
white and black floral wedding hair piece

Birdcage Veils

beige lace birdcage veil
White feathered birdcage veil

Hair Pin

Silver Fascinator Barrette
Silver Fascinator Barrette, $15.00 from Etsy

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