Wedding Season: What to Wear & What to Give!

Have a whole lotta weddings to attend this year? Worrying about the financial damage it’s going to cause you (dress + gift + travel costs = broke city)? To save yourself from financial ruin, obviously opt for dresses that won’t set you back a few hundo.

Also consider dresses that you know you will also wear to work, out on your own, and at the other weddings! I know, I know, you’re thinking that your image in the same frock will be littered about Facebook, but you’re giving people too much credit. People generally don’t notice the little details on Facebook, they’re too busy looking at their own profiles, so by adding a scarf, bolero, blazer, or different shoes, to the same dress all season means that chances are good that no one will notice.

Above are four weddings you may find yourself invited to this summer, paired to a great and affordable dress (that could be used all season) and a gift to boot!

What are your gift and dress suggestions? We’d love to hear them!