So You’ve Gotta Go to a Wedding? Wear THIS (it’s under 75 bucks)!

Summertime is wedding time, and while you may not be the bride, at least this time, you’re not a bridesmaid (creamsicle-orange satin, anyone?). So that means you get to relax and enjoy the festivities as a guest, but it doesn’t mean that you get a pass on being fabulous–and why would you want to? After springing for the gift, however, we know your budget is tight, so we’ve put together a perfectly-appropriate (dare we say hot?) wedding guest outfit, for under $75. The only problem? Even the bride might be jealous of these shoes…

Wedding Guest Outfit Under $75

[imagebrowser id=484]


Angela is a senior writer who's been hanging around TBF since way back in 2007. When she's not weighing in on the merits of, say, feathers as a fashion statement, Angela works as a bridal consultant in the St. Louis area. She also enjoys sunsets, and long walks in Target.