Seven Great Wedding Dresses for Under $100

Is it possible to find a wedding dress for under $100? Yes. Is it hard to find one under $100? Yes. In order to assist you on your quest for the perfect wedding dress for under $100, we searched (and searched) and found six great wedding dresses for under $100. Don’t be fooled that the dresses don’t have the words “Wedding” or “Bridal” in front of them- those words are often used to get you to spend more dough. The most important thing is, well, you and the commitment you’re about to to make to someone else. And the fact that these dresses are awesome.

Now if these dresses don’t appeal your inner Budget Bride, then check out your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or Junior League shop for great deals. Consignment shops can be a great option, but make sure the price is actually be less than it’s retail price. Also eBay, and to a lesser extent, craigslist, are both good places to check out for wedding dresses on a budget. Finally, if you’re a crafty person you can create your own wedding dress- just pick the fabric.

Short Wedding Dresses Under $100

Long Wedding Dresses Under $100

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