How to Wear Statement Sneakers

Maybe Not Monochrome

Monochrome Outfit with statement sneakers

Here’s a tried-and-true rule of style. Any statement piece — sneakers, earrings or even lip color — shines brightest when paired with a monochrome outfit. If the spring/summer ’17 runway shoes inspired you to double up on denim, why throw a pair of fun sneakers into that mix? It’s certainly a more interesting choice than the old Stan Smiths.

Go Bold or Go Home

Hot pink cotton dress with statement sneakers

Casual cotton dresses do pair well with sneakers — and you’ll look even more put together if can play up one of the shoe’s accent colors. The key here is to avoid being too matchy. Instead, your mission is to mimic a color that plays a small role on the sneaker. I happened to have this pink dress hanging in the closet already, and I think it does just that.

Are you wearing statement sneakers this fall? Let us know in the comments!


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