What Do You Think About Vera Bradley Bags?

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Vera Bradley Little Mandy, $50.99 from Zappos

Head to your local suburban mall on any given day and there are a few things you’re guaranteed to see:
1) A sea of minivans
2) Kiosks selling cheap jewelry
3) Tons of Vera Bradley totes.

For those of you not acquainted with the Vera Bradley tote bags, they’re a line of tote bags made from quilted cotton cloth with bright graphic prints of varying styles. Sometimes the prints are very on-trend (like this one) and sometimes, they are, well, decidedly not.

However, there’s something kind of cute about the Vera Bradley bags in a “Hush Puppies hipster” sort of way and at around $60, the bags are “affordable luxury” (that is, if you include Vera Bradley in the luxury category. Yet, there’s something off about buying a handbag at your Hallmark store (where they’re usually sold).

So, What Do You Think About Vera Bradley Bags?

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  • Shelly

    I absolutely hate the look of them.  My mother has a growing collection (because apparently that’s what parents give their student’s teachers these days).  I hate to admit it but the large size tote is the perfect size for a weekend bag and it handles weight beautifully without really adding any.  My mother mocks me when I borrow it, as she should.  

  • They are hard core Grandma bags. My Mom (who is nearing 80) loves them but even SHE won’t buy one. 

  • Kara

    I think they look like a sewing bag an elderly lady would carry. 

    • @Kara.. very stylish elderly lady???

  • Classyjojo725

    I hate to be brutal, but I could never stand these bags – whenever I think of them, I think of the WORST of suburbia. Just because someone is a soccer mom or needing a “heavy duty mom” bag doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice fashion and good style for “frillyness”