The Holiday Gifts You’ll Feel Great About This Year (Sponsored) 

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Deep breath. Because that holiday craziness is about to set in. In these few days before Thanksgiving — the calm before the storm — I’m taking time to make my list, jot down gift ideas and plan my shopping. And I’ve already decided my strategy this year will focus more on gifts that give back. (It’s so easy to overlook charitable giving during the holidays even though that’s when it’s most needed!)

So I was thrilled when Mirum Shopper asked me to share the Vaseline Healing Project with you. And I hope you will be excited about it as well ?. Vaseline and Walmart have teamed up to create Vaseline Gift Boxes that generate a Healing Donation to underprivileged populations. These gift packs are fabulous for three reasons:

  1. They are super convenient. Find them at any Walmart near you. There are more than 4,600 Walmart locations throughout the US and another 6,200+ internationally.
  2. They are versatile gifts, ideal for almost anyone. I’ve already picked up two for my daughters.
  3. The price point is wallet-friendly. At less than $10 each, these kits are suitable for co-worker and secret Santa gifts.

3 Vaseline Gift Boxes that Give Back


There are three gift packs to choose from, and each one you pick up means one Healing Donation. A Healing Donation delivers Vaseline Jelly, medical supplies and dermatological care to populations that need them.

And yes, you can and should tell your loved ones about those donations YOU generated (use #SpreadTheDifference!). Doing so will inspire others to take the same step — imagine the positive impact you could have for the people who need it!! Learn more about the Vaseline Healing Project and see how your purchase helps at

All three gift boxes are priced at $9.88. Check out the options below and then head to your local Walmart early and make a difference!


1. Essential Healing Gift Box

This gift box contains:

  • Two Vaseline Essential Healing Body Lotions, 10oz each
  • One Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original, 1.75oz
  • One Lip Tin Original, .6oz

2. Cocoa Butter Gift Box

vaseline holiday gift pack

The cocoa butter gift box is my favorite! I love the smell and feel of Vaseline cocoa butter products. The gift box contains:

  • Two Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotions, 10oz each
  • One Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter, 1.75oz
  • One Vaseline Lip Tin Cocoa Butter, .6oz

3. Advanced Repair Gift Box

The Advanced Repair set has the more intensive Advanced Repair Body Lotion, which makes it a nice choice for those who live in cold, harsh climates. The gift box contains:

  • Two Vaseline Advanced Repair Body Lotion, 10oz each
  • One Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original, 1.75oz
  • One Vaseline Lip Tin Original, .6oz

Which Vaseline Gift Box is your choice?

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