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Valentine’s Day Decorating: DIY

Whether you’re planning a romantic night for you and your significant other, or a girls night party for you and your single friends who deserve to celebrate love too, we know you don’t want to spend too much on the decorations (cause you’re saving your cash for the truffles and champagne of course!). Some pretty and sweet decorations that will have you all feelin’ the love, without putting a huge hole in your budget.

Hearts and Flowers Glasses. Take any glass you like — highball, champagne flute, wine glass (cheap and surprisingly decent-looking sets can be picked up at the dollar store, believe it or not) — fill with conversation hearts, and tuck in some pastel colored tulips or carnations. Pretty in a cluster as a centerpiece for a romantic dinner for two, or as decorations and then take-home gifts for each of your guests.

Lace-Wrapped Votives. So pretty, and so simple, you might want to incorporate these into your decor year-round (but if not, a cluster makes the perfect simple centerpiece). Make Merry Events has the step-by-step instructions — start with simple and cheap clear, white and/or red votive holders, measure and cut your lace (from scraps you already have, or purchased at your local craft store), secure to votives with double-sided scrapbooking tape or hot glue, and done. Fill with romantic-scented votive candles (floral or spice, for example).

Cupcake Tree. Pretty and edible, a Valentine’s cupcake tree is easy and inexpensive. You can purchase the cupcakes, but it’s even cheaper to take a couple of hours and bake your favorite from a boxed mix (we recommend red velvet cupcakes, however, for this particular occasion) and frost — top with conversation hearts, chocolate sprinkles, red sugar, etc. Purchase an inexpensive cupcake tree stand (we like this one by Martha Stewart at Macy’s for less than $20 or pick up a disposable one (read: cardboard) for even cheaper.

Heart of Roses Wreathes. This project from All Free Crafts is a little more time-intensive, but the materials are relatively inexpensive (foam heart, silk roses — either stemmed or from a garland, acrylic craft paint, hot glue — all available at your local craft store or in the craft section of your favorite big box) and the result is lovely, reusable wreathes you can put on a door, hang from ribbons around the room, or use as part of a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

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