Petal Power: Perk Up Your Home with these Unique Vases!

Unique Vases to Perk Up Your Home

I think there’s nothing prettier than walking in a room and seeing a vase of flowers.  Of course decorative pillows and a nice painting also do the trick, but something about flowers really livens up a room and makes me smile.  Whether it’s a single rose on a table or a massive living room bouquet, they bring an extra dose of cheer to rooms.

To make them uber eye-catching, I love putting flowers in unique vases.  Why stick daisies in a plain ‘ole white or clear vase when there are so many other styles?

See, I’m the one spending more time at supermarket floral section than almost anywhere else.  Don’t laugh.  These days, supermarkets have some gorgeous floral departments.  Hmmmm. . . tea, tomatoes and tulips . . . I can’t go wrong!  Plus, I can’t resist the “buy 3 bunches for $10” deals I often find.  When I get home, I divvy those bunches up, mixing and matching so I have flowers for almost every room.  If I want a single rose on my bedroom dresser or a large bunch on my coffee table, there’s bound to be a unique vase that looks awesome.

The right vase always makes a difference and trust me, there’s something out there for every mood, trend or changing home décor style.  Have a thing for birds?  Yep, there’s a vase for that.  Bold, chunky colors float your boat?  Have an old fashioned style?  Yes and yes again.

Flower Power: Unique Vases that Make Flowers (and Rooms) Look Amazing!

Here are some vases I really like.  They come in varying shapes, colors and styles ranging from demure to downright funky.  So take a peek and dare to be different.

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