Yea or Nay: Ugg Rainboots?

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To Ugg or not to Ugg: The greatest question facing our country in the new millennium.

You know, I’ve been on the fence about Ugg boots, even cheap Uggs, for a while now. On one hand, they’re comfy, easy to wear, and warm. On the other hand, they’re crazy expensive and look like a cross between moonboots and house slippers.

Now the folks at Uggs just released a line of hideous rainboots with prices… wait for this…. in the $150-$230 price range. Do the folks at Ugg know we’re in a recession? Yes, the boots are lined in short-haired sheepskin, which makes them comfy and warm, but couldn’t you just buy a pair of sheep skin liners at your local Menards or Fleet Farm (you midwesterns know exactly what I am talking about) and put them in a pair of $19.99 rainboots from Target?

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way… What do you guys think… Ugg Rainboots: Yea or Nay? Vote or comment after the jump…

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  • Janaee.

    I Likee them . Rainboots especialy . They are very popular, nowadays.
    I used to hate having to wear those rainboots.

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  • stylebakery

    I definitely vote Nay. I do exactly what you suggested: insert a wool liner into cheap chic rubber boots when the weather is cold and remove the liner when the weather is warm. Much more practical and of course more affordable. $200+ is a crazy amount for a rainboot, especially ones that aren’t even that cute!

  • SockSnatcher

    They don’t look as ugly as other Uggs, some even look quite nice, but they are way too expensive for a simple rain boot!  Lining or not!

  • eggplant

    I have been thinking about adding a pair of wellies to my closet. The weather is rainy and my dog is a young,high energy pup. Walking in the rain is a must for me lately. Just a simple rain boot will do or I can wait out this weather(meaning continue to wear my NBs the next few weeks=probably better while we run or speed along). SoCal doesn’t have this weather often. I do not want a rain boot that has any type of fur or leather. I also do not want to spend a lot on them because I will not be wearing them anywhere else except for our twice a day walks during rainy days.

  • Shopsista

    I don’t think that they’re ugly…I’m saying why buy them when you can get some with a cute wedge heel at TARGET for 20.00?

    I have bought 3 pairs: One hot pink, one black and one with black with red roses.  Oh, did I mention that I got them on clearance?  I paid 13.99 for the last two pairs.

    A girl’s on a budget…200.00 That’s so 2007…