Twelve By Twelve: Forever 21 Launches Higher-End Line that’s Actually Good

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This past June, I wrote about the launch of Forever 21’s “higher-end” collection called Twelve by Twelve. Well the line is now up and running at and it’s not bad… not bad at all. In fact, I like it. While the selection is as limited as the sizing, you can tell that there was a bit of thought put into this line. Beading is mixed with higher quality jersey knits. Jackets have darts that are straight and in the right place. The Outerwear has details like pleats, wood buttons, etc. It resembles a more fun, less costly version of the Vera Wang at Kohls line.

Basically, it’s Forever 21 for grown folks.

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  • megan

    oh yeah so fun! i love all those pieces. i love that forever 21 is coming out with a more mature line that i can wear down the line. i want the colorblock dress!

  • Janine

    I love this line. I found it accidently while surfing i love the pieces I got from the MOD collection.. and great prices too

  • J

    I love that tunic!  And this blog!  Found u courtesy of StyleMob.

  • wow

    that first dress looks like a Pocohantas Halloween costume.

    even if it didn’t have that horrible print/design/color pattern, the seam in the middle is in a perfect spot to highlight any belly bulge a person might have.  thumbs down!

  • Neha

    For so long, I overlooked Forever 21 – or ignored it.  Put off by the clutter and the far too short mini skirts. And besides for the layered tank tops that never get seen, I never had as much luck there as some of my friends who had the patience to come out with a great find!

    So hopefully I’ll have better luck with Twelve by Twelve.  Thanks ladies!

  • Heidie

    I just bought a jacket from the twelve by twelve line and it is really nice.  I would say it has the same quality as the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target.  There’s nice detail on the jacket including seaming and darting that you usually don’t find on lower-end lines.  The fabric is definitly a better blend.  Overall I think this is a great line with great prices to match.

  • H

    I’m *soooooo* excited about this line. Thanks for posting about it!

  • eeeeeeeeeeee

    its really cute! do you know if its gonna b carried in stores??? if it is im still quite sad cuz my LOCAL forever 21 is 3 hours away 🙁 and i think its quite cute, and im forever 21s target audiance (im 14)

  • Kathleen

    This past August, I stepped into Forever 21 after 7 years of dutifully bypassing the store every time I went to the mall—the last time I went to the store before August was my first year of college.  The fashions were just too teeny bopper, the sizing ran too small, and I don’t like their use of sweatshops (but I suppose that can be said for all retailers unfortunately).  Anyway, I was genuinely surprised by the clothes.  It seems like the quality has improved somewhat, the pricing is still very low, and the sizes actually seemed more normal.  And as always, the clothes were very trendy and still somewhat young.  That said, I hope Twelve by Twelve really is the more grown-up version of Forever 21 and I plan on checking it out some time soon.

  • Rachel

    It looks good, I’ll have to check it out.

  • Danielle

    I’m glad Forever21 decided to come up with a more mature line, maybe I’ll actually shop in there now!  Thanks for the heads up.