Trend Alert: The Body Conscious Party Dress

What: The new shape in party dresses? Form-fitting.

What the fashion heads say: This from The New York Times style page: “What happened to last winter’s easygoing party frocks that replicated simple geometric shapes, the circular pouf, the triangular trapeze, the rectangular shift? Turns out they were all square. ‘The baby-doll dress is dead,’ Sarah Easley, an owner of Kirna Kirna Zabête, the directional SoHo store, said with no small degree of satisfaction. ‘The designer customer is looking for a little more tailoring.'”

What we say: This could be very bad news, indeed, for those of us who actually enjoy a Christmas cookie or two this time of year — however, while slinky, form-fitting dresses may be the very latest, we’re still seeing plenty of cute tunic, trapeze, and sheath style dresses making the rounds, enough so that you should feel good about picking whatever shape fits you best. And remember, it is all about fit — form-fitting doesn’t mean sausage casing. Just something to think about.


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