Trend Alert: Fedora Hats

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Ok, we’ll admit it, Fedora Hats are no surprise for the summer, but this year, celebs are donning their fedora’s like never before. We swear Reese Witherspoon wears her Fedora on a daily basis. Not only are they cute, but, they are super chic. Fedoras can transform the simplest of outfits from being just plain boring to being oh, so, cute. As summer has just begun and you are putting the final touches on your vacation plans, now is the perfect time to stock up on this trend in a variety of colors before all the cute ones are gone.

Fedora Hats

1. Straw Fedora Hat, $25.27 at ASOS
2. Grosgrain Straw Fedora, $28 at Nordstrom
3. Summer Fedora Hat, $7.80 at Forever21

Fedora Hats

4. Aqua white straw fedora, $32.62 at Bloomingdale’s
5. Mossimo straw fedora with band, $12.99 at Target
6. Canary Fedora Hat, $24.99 at Lucky Brand

Image Credit: PopSugar, Outfit Identifier and Thirsty Roots

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  • I wear a Fedora everyday now, at 46 years of age. I still have a full head of hair, but I just love the looks of these hats, which I now collect, as a dude can have a bad hair day and one slap of a hat and nobody has to know. I also see a style trend. I live in Kentucky where cowboy and baseball hats used to rule, but even HERE I see more and more young to older men and women wearing these hats. In fact it seems Hollywood is pushing it as some of the new movies have most of their main actors all wearing Fedoras.

    For those that hate these hats, I am sorry. I used to hate wearing my socks at my ankles, while I preferred to wear my socks pulled up to my knees as guys did in the 1970’s- Then came the day a teen laughed at my socks so I finally was forced to fit in with a changing style or get made fun of. At the rate I see more wearing these hats I believe within ten years most grown men of all ages will be wearing Fedoras. Women are wearing them too, sort of like the style Paris Hilton wears from the 1920’s. No mistaking this style is making a come back no matter how many will kick and scream over a fashion change they do not personally get into.

  • Wow, didn’t know they were coming back. Great news. They are awesome looking and I’ve been wishing hats would come back. Also good news since I sell them on my costume site but they are good dress quality.

  • My fedora is my go-to accessory for summer. I seriously wear it every weekend!

  • Zim

    These fedora hats are showing up everywhere.. Just loving the style it gives.

  • I love a good fedora!

  • I love love love fedoras – they are the most versatile and universally-flattering hats. You can pretty much wear them with anything!