Trend Alert: Elongated Gloves

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What: Longer length gloves as a style statement

What the fashion heads say: At Net-a-Porter, an editor’s note says of a Milly cashmere number: “A luxe elongated glove which is perfect with this season’s bracelet sleeve.”

What we say: A bracelet sleeve wool coat is really chic, and of course you wouldn’t want those wrists to get chilly, so an elongated glove makes perfect sense. And now that you mention it, it makes sense even without the bracelet sleeve. The pair Net-a-Porter refers to is $124, but we’re not quite that gung-ho about it. As always, we prefer to pay less, so we’re thinking these wool-cashmere blend gloves from J.Crew should do just fine, now only $21. Or, if you’re really attached to the idea of pure cashmere (and who could blame you), try these long cashmere gloves from Nordstrom (pictured here) for $42.

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